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How does it feel to know some of the world's high demand skills that can generate high-income. Well, you've got you covered on this one. Few weeks ago, I started my Affiliate and Email marketing journey and I'd be glad to share my experience with you. Literally, there are tons of high-income skills that doesn't require college degree. If you're struggling to build an income stream, learning one or two high demand skill can make a huge difference in your career, period. In this guide, you'll learn some of the world's high demand skills and how to leverage them on the long run.

You should have in mind that having a degree doesn't guarantee success in life, it only proves that you have gone through due process and you're qualified to work effectively in the field of study. Needless to say, you've seen or probably heard of some people who graduated from the university and still they couldn't land their dream job. In life, the usual routine is, go to school, take exams and get good grades, followed by a degree, and you graduate to get a good job. I want you to understand that a lot of things have changed over the years. Mastering just one of these high demand skills can earn you $1000 to $10,000 a month. The world is not interested in your degree, the world is interested in what you can do or develop with your degree - clearly, skills pay your bills and degree doesn't. If acquiring a degree is the major goal, then why are some graduates struggling to pay their bills.

What Is High Demand Skill?

Before we proceed to the list, it would be necessary for you to know what high demand skill really is. High Demand Skills are skills that anyone can learn from anywhere in the world. These skills allows you to earn a passive income if you master it. In this guide, we listed some of the high demand skills that can make $1000 to $10,000 a month without a degree.

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Top 20 High Demand Skills That Can Generate High-income

  1. Copywriting

  2. Copywriting is indeed an exceptional skill to leverage on. This skill doesn't need any prior technical know-how, you simply need mobile phone or a laptop. What is Copywriting? This is a form of writing where someone uses written words to inform, convince, and persuade a large audience to purchase a certain product or services. This skill doesn't really need a lot of fancy technology equipments and it can be done anywhere around the world. Organizations and small businesses usually hire a copywriter who would create contents that would increase sales and conversions.

    A copywriter should have the following skills:

    • Writing Professional Emails that can convert
    • Writing Blogs and Articles
    • Writing Social Media Posts
    • Writing Press Releases
    • Writing Sales Pages
    • Writing Product Description
    • Writing Interview Questions
    • ecommerce sites
    Most businesses are now going online because of the huge benefits attached to it. When your business is online, you're more exposed to new clients and customers - who knows, they might just begin to buy your product or use any services you offer. Copywriting will always be a high demand skill because companies that market their product online will always need a copywriter. Needless to say, learning this skill won't be easy because you need to know more on customer research, content structure, web copywriting, and persuasion technique. The fact is, 73% of employer loves employee that have copywriting skills.
  3. Information Technology

  4. IT is the short for Information Technology which involves the use of computer systems to manage, store, analyze, and manipulate computer date in a database. An IT professional works a computer system - there are a wide range of opportunities for people who want to leverage this skill set. If you want to become an IT expert, I recommend you learn from Amazon Web Services (AWS). An IT expert can work in any of the following places: pharmaceutical companies, manufacturing plants, banks, insurance companies, and businesses of all sizes. IT experts are responsible for developing software, installing operating systems, database management, and management of company networks - this is indeed a high one to leverage on.
  5. Web Design And Development

  6. Do you know that there are over 1.88billion websites in the world? Come to think of it, you can make a whole lot of money by creating websites for clients anywhere in the world. 81% of people conduct some type of research before making a purchase. Say you're a plumber and you have an optimized website, someone can go online and search for plumber near me, your website will appear on search engine now the searcher can reach you with just a click. The fact is, every business that really want to grow needs a website. Websites can help your potential customers reach out to you plus you can also showcase your work on a website. Web design is one of the fastest growing high demand skills.

    If you want to build professional-looking websites, you should consider learning HTML and CSS. Although Wordpress -the world's most busiest content management system (CMS) has made wed design a lot more easy and fun with drag and drop.

    A professional website needs a good web hosting service and domain name provider. We highly recommend as one of the best web hosting provider - plus you get a free .com domain for the first year. Also, I trust for my domain name registration. With, you can launch your first website with as low as $2.95/month.

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  7. Search Engine Optimization

  8. SEO is the short for Search Engine Optimization. These are the practices and process a website must undergo so as to increase it's ranking, visibility in search results, traffic, and sales. SEO is the most important part of any online business. Learning SEO would really help your website - if you have one. Search Engine Optimization is a powerful thing for any business that is planning to go online. You need to understand how search engines work, keyword research, content creation, backlinks, and technical SEO. Follow this link to learn SEO and how to become an SEO expert. You can also read on 10 best SEO courses with certification.

    There are some websites and blogs online that give SEO news and update, you should consider subscribing to their news letter. It's a god idea if you could take any SEO course and get certified. Although, certificates doesn't make you an expert but it adds value to your CV and there are higher chances of getting a better job. As a SEO specialist, you can offer SEO services for clients, you can also establish your own SEO agency where you do SEO related jobs.

  9. App Development

  10. We have a guide that will teach you how to create an app for free and make money - yes, I said that correctly. Mobile app development is one of the fastest growing high demand skills. Building mobile apps is a dream come true for many programmers like me. Frankly speaking, I want to learn mobile app development because the demand is really high in the market. Do you know that mobile apps generate over $200 billion of the world's revenue. Mobile apps are growing rapidly and they're becoming more popular over the years. Many people love playing games and most people would prefer to shop with apps than going to the main website. Mobile apps are flexible ad easy to handle. Once installed on your device, you can carry it to anywhere. Let's be realistic here, if you take advantage of this skill set you could be making thousands of dollars very month. All thanks to technology, you can build AI apps without writing a single line of code - this seem like a job but it's a fact.

    Follow the link above to learn how to create an app for free and make money. We included the best app monetization tactics used by popular apps like Candy crush, Subway Surf, and lots more. In fact, you can create a professional-looking mobile application within 30 minutes and you can start earning by placing Google Admob Ads - the most popular mobile app monetization platform by Google.

    If you're searching for where to learn mobile app development, you can check out for app development courses.
  11. Graphic Design

  12. Graphics - one of the fastest growing high demand skills. Graphic design is the ability of telling a story with pictorial representation. This skill requires creative thinking, an eye of detail, and knowledge of color scheme and interpretation. A brand is incomplete without a logo, a company that produces goods or products definitely need a product image. Now, as a graphic designer, you can use powerful software like Adobe Photoshop or Adobe Illustrator to create logo designs for organizations as well as other purposes that may be desired. You can visit to access the best graphic design courses online.
  13. Content Creation

  14. Content Marketing is what modern businesses rely on. If you want to learn this skill set, you need to know the basics. Mastering content marketing can get you the following jobs:
    • Content Writing
    • Social media manager
    • Social media influencer
    • Cinematography
    • Photography job
    The first step to becoming a content marketer is by having a mind what kind of content you will like to give your audience and then pick the right platform that would help you achieve that goal. If you love making videos, consider creating a youtube channel, instagram or tiktok page . If writing content is your hobby, you need a blog, if you love speaking, should think about podcast. All this channels can earn hundreds to thousands of dollars a month. You need to monetize this skill set by creating unique, relevant, and engaging contents for clients, plus you can also work as a freelancer. Fiverr and Upwork are the best market place you can start selling your skills.

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  15. Coding

  16. A code is a clear instruction that allows a computer perform specific functions. Coding is gradually becoming part of human life - everyday items like watches, computer, internet, phones, drones, robots cars all rely on code before they can function. A web designer can code javascript to add more functionality to his website. An app developer can code java to develop a mobile application. Artificial Intelligence (AI) also need codes to make robots that behaves like human being. There are a wide range of programming languages out there with their own different functions. For instance, Python can be used to develop drones, C++ is suitable for developing video games. If you find this field interesting and you want to learn how to code, visit or to begin your coding journey. Coding has helped the world in all areas of life and it is one of the high demand skills that can generate high-income.

  17. Sales

  18. Selling is the most significant skill every entrepreneur should have. According to Microsoft and Forbes, the average salary for a salesperson is more than $142k a year. If you manage or run a business, there is probability that you'd either sell your product to your potential customer or you offer your services to your audience. At some point in your business career, the sales process will occur. Even if you're an employee looking to work for an organization, you would equally sell yourself so you'd get hired. Every entrepreneur must develop selling skills - you can turn your audience into potential buyers. During sales process, you should know how to convince, persuade, and lead your customers throughout the conversation. Selling is a friendly process and pushing people to buy what they don't need or can't afford is completely out of it. Selling is a way of building trust between the seller and the buyer.

    So if you run a business and you want to take your career to another dimension, you should consider improving your sales skill.

  19. Affiliate Marketing

  20. Affiliate Marketing is a type of marketing where someone picks a product related to his niche, then he drive traffic to his affiliate link so he'd make profit and earn some commission in return. I just started my affiliate marketing career few weeks ago and you should consider following suite. In affiliate marketing, the promoter (affiliate) finds an affiliate marketing website or program based on his niche, he picks a product and start promoting it. There are tons of affiliate marketing programs that anyone can join - some doesn't require approval. I promote over 10 products on this blog and they include:

    1 - Bluehost is one of the best web hosting service provider plus you also get a free .com domain for the first year of hosting purchase. For every sale you make with your affiliate link, you'll earn $65

    2 - Getresponse is an email marketing service used by many bloggers, businesses, and affiliate marketers. You earn some commission whenever some purchase a paid plan.

    3 - JVZoo is one of the leading affiliate marketing platform in the world. They have a wide range of products and services you can promote to earn commission on every sale.

    These are just some of the affiliate marketing websites I recently work with. Soon, we'll a full Affiliate Marketing course for beginners. Affiliate Marketing is one of the most profitable high demand skills you can start right away without wasting any second. The idea is somehow simple, you're not selling your own product here but you're selling a brand or company product or services which earn you some commission for every sale. You simply have to put those product in front of your target audience who would benefit from these products.

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  21. Email Marketing

  22. Email Marketing is a great way to gain customers trust without breaking the bank. Whether you're planning to sell your product or services or you want to drive more traffic to your website, no matter your goal, email marketing is a good factor to consider. The first step to a successful email marketing is building a list of people who would be interested in your product or services.

    how do I get email subscribers?

    Having a website is the first step to email marketing. You can embed forms and encourage your audience to subscribe to your list. According to experts, buying an email list won't help you marketing career rather, you will build a list of people that value your services. Sending emails to people without their permission is against the law and some countries have rule that require consent. The fact is, email marketing works perfectly on mobile.

    I use Mailchimp and for my Email marketing. Email marketing one of the next high demand skills you should consider learning this year. Email marketing seem to be a bit obsolete because it can't be compared to other digital marketing platforms like PPC, Search Engine Optimization, and social media. The fact is, over 3.8 billion people have access to email every hour. Furthermore, email marketing is yet one of the most powerful and most used form of advertising.

    As an email marketer, you should know the following:
    • Analyzing and Tracking campaigns
    • Writing professional email contents
    • Building an email list
    • Designing user friendly emails
    • and more
    You should consider learning email marketing to make the most out of your digital marketing career. To get started with email marketing, I recommend you enroll in Getresponse Email Marketing Certification Course Online. Learning email marketing doesn't require any technical skill but if you have copywriting skill, you're on the right track. Email marketing is not complicated though.

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  23. Video Marketing

  24. 87% of businesses are now leveraging video marketing. Video marketing is rapidly becoming one of the most used content marketing strategy. Social media discovered that videos would make over 90% of customers to convert during purchase. Video marketing has more relevance and engagement, and information than other traditional advertising format. To get started with video, firstly, you'll want to create video contents that would entice your audience. Next, make sure your contents are always short and precise - needless to say, attention spans are very limited. You need to add a unique and clear call to action at the end of your video ads - call to action are actions your viewer would take as soon as the video ads are over. A video marketer should know the following strategy:
    • Converting and increasing sales
    • Improving Search Engine Optimization
    • Boosting social media engagement and trust
  25. E-commerce

  26. Since the inception of shopify, wooCommerce, Ecwid, and other online store builder, building and setting up online stores without writing a single line of have never been easy like before. Nowadays, e-commerce is one of the most powerful platforms for generating high-income. Today, most people prefer to shop while online to save the stress of going to the store. Shopify - one of the leading e-commerce platform is offering a free e-commerce training course that'll walk you through your e-commerce and the good news is, it's free and anyone can enroll to start learning.

    Below is a list of the skills you need to possess as an e-commerce expert:

    • Web design and development
    • Email marketing
    • Data analysis
    • Driving website traffic
    • Content creation and marketing
    • Data collection and testing

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  27. Social Media Marketing

  28. Social media marketing is the ability to use social media networks like facebook, instagram or twitter to manage employers business to create awareness and also increasing online presence. Social media marketers can work for companies that want to reach more audience. You can also work as a freelancer. Social media expert manages the online presence of companies and organizations across different platforms including Youtube, Pinterest, and many others. They are also responsible for publishing blog posts and creating video contents that'll increase the company awareness or sales The fact is, most of us are actually doing something related to this every single day but to be precise, it's not an easy job though. Mastering one social media platform is enough for you to work effectively with other networks. Understanding how different platform works will help you maximize your marketing campaign.The make the most out of social media marketing, you need a reliable phone or laptop. SO make sure you invest properly. Social media marketing is one of the high demand skills that can generate high-income for anyone without a degree.

    Social media experts should have the following skills:

    • Planning digital marketing
    • Responding to your audience comments
    • Creating video and image contents that are shareable
    • Using analysis to track your campaign result
    • Managing partnerships with other social media brand
    • and more
  29. Sales Funnel Building

  30. Sales funnel building is common for many affiliate marketers, email marketers, entrepreneur who wants to convert potential visitors into paying visitors. Having worked so hard to develop their websites or landing pages to drive massive traffic . This isn't enough though perhaps, the fact is, people can easily leave a website they haven't heard much about before but a sales page can help you maximize this. A wide range of businesses are constantly searching for ways to boost their sales, alongside with that, they're also searching for ways to convert their potential visitors into paying customers. If a business want a solid online presence, you can build sales funnels and you'll earn a lot of money.

    Building sales funnel involves the following:

    • Webinar funnels
    • Landing pages
    • Lead magnets
    • Application funnels
    • Squeeze pages
    • Bridge pages
    • and more

    10 High Demand Skills That Can Generate High-income With A Degree

    1. Blockchain
    2. Big Data
    3. Investing
    4. Entrepreneurship
    5. Project Management
    6. Chatbot Marketing
    7. Paid Advertising (Search Engine Marketing)
    8. Video Editing
    9. Growth Hacking

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    Wrapping Up: High Demand Skills That Can Generate High-income!

    Thanks for reading up to this point. I want you to have in mind that the list above equals income - they are high demand skills and they can pay your bills without a degree. Study this list carefully, pick the one that suite you and make that you standard. Learn it professionally and you'll see it will pay off. If you've read up till this point, it means you love my write up, so you can help our website grow by sharing this post on social platforms like , facebook, and more.

    You can drop your thought below in the comment section, we'd like to know which high demand skills you'll like to master!

    Have a splendid year ahead.

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