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Have you ever thought of making money from a website or blog without sell your products or offering services to your potential audience? If you’ve ever thought of this, this content will walk you through the process of monetizing a website without selling products. If you’re reading this blog for the first time, consider bookmarking this blog and subscribe so you won’t miss any of our latest updates. This piece of content will teach you how to monetize a website fast without selling any single product. The best way to monetize a website fast without selling any product or services is by utilizing your expertise, leveraging resources that would sky-rocket your website, and by utilizing your experience about a specific topic or subject area.

How to monetize a website is a keyword that has generated a lot of questions online over the years and still counting. As a beginner, this might sound intimidating to you but that shouldn’t turn you off after all, learning is a process and we never stop learning till our last breathe. Let’s pause for a while and think about the internet as a whole. Besides the fact that internet is a global connection of computers and people working together to share a huge library of information, the internet serves people through social media, websites, blogs, email lists, search engines, and other digital marketing mediums. In this content, we’ve put together some best website monetization ideas that could help you earn money online.

Basically, there are over 1.88 billion websites in the world across different niches. People all over the world use the internet daily to search for information that would solve their problems that’s why there is need to have understanding on how to monetize a website so you’d earn money no matter your niche. Having known the number of websites available in the world, the massive traffic they have, you should learn how to utilize website traffic by providing ever-green contents and using advertising platform like Google Adsense to earn money from your website without selling your own product.

how to monetize a website fast

When talking about how to monetize a website, two things come immediately to mind: first off, Google Adsense and secondly we have Affiliate Marketing. Google Adsense is indeed one of the largest and most commonly used advertising platform in the world. Before you apply for Google Adsense, you need to publish quality contents on your website and also your website must meet Google Adsense criteria. There are some paramount section your website must have before you can get approved. Your website should have About Us page, Contact Us page, Privacy Policy page, and a Sitemap page respectively. We published a detailed post on how to monetize a website with Google Adsense ? You can read the content if you want to use Google Adsense as your online income source.

Affiliate Marketing is one of the fastest growing digital business in the world. In this business, a person know as the marketer would promote another company or brand product and when someone buys item through their affiliate link they earn some commission. There are many affiliate marketing platforms you can join to start earning plus we have written a detailed post on affiliate marketing tips that would help you boost your sales. Affiliate marketing can be done without a website but having a website or blog can save you from stress. You can promote your affiliate products with your blog by putting your affiliate links within contents.

Regardless of which monetization method you choose, the recipe for how to monetize a website that will actually generate income is the same.

How to monetize a website


Your website cannot exist without a hosting. A hosting plan is simply a server where all your website contents like images, videos, and files would be stored so they’ll be retrieved when requested. There are many web hosting company around you can search the internet and pick your choice. Although some have proven their uniqueness and they used by many webmasters from all walks of life. Some of the web hosting companies used around the world include:

Having known about web hosting, you also need to buy a custom domain name. A domain name is a unique name people will use to find or access your website over a web browser. Take a look at my website, people use

to gain access to this website. Noted that two websites cannot have the same domain name. You can get cheap domain names at If you’re reading this content and you don’t have a website, you cannot expect to many any money online. Having your own hosted website is the first step to making money online without selling anything. A good website should have some amazing characteristics like:

Clean and fresh design - Things have changed since the 90s. You can easily build a website within 15 minutes using modern CMS (content Management system) like Wordpress – the busiest CMS platform in the world. Websites we’re formally based on pure HTML and CSS codes to add functionality for both the end-users and administrator.

If you're into digital marketing, you'll know why a website should be Mobile Friendly. When I say mobile friendly, I mean a website should be easy to navigate across all devices the exact same way. A website shouldn't have too many flash animation. On the other hand, your website loading speed must be very fast. The average load time for a website about 3 seconds. The fact is, people don't like a website that takes forever to load. Webmaster using CMS platforms like wordpress has plugin that can accelerate the loading time for their websites so they won't lose traffic and their potential customers.


So, you already have a good hosted website with your custom domain name, what's next? Probably your next question could be how to monetize a website with contents? To be honest with you, the most difficult part of the whole process is how to produce the right content that would make money for you. Producing high quality content should be your number priority. When your contents are highly rated, search engines like Google would value your website, your audience will trust you - gaining user trust will boost your income even if you're not selling physical products. Quality contents can equally attract advertisers. So if you want to build a profitable website, you need to produce contents search engines will love. Once they notice your website, you'll get more organic traffic - traffic coming from search engines. A website with good traffic tends to make more income no matter the monetization method you're using be it Affiliate Marketing or Google Adsense.

You have to main the flow of traffic within your website if you want to earn on the long run. To achieve this, you have to continuously work on your search engine optimization so you'll learn new techniques and apply them to your website. A good content should be updated regularly, a good content should be long enough with keywords that points to what the searcher is actually looking for, a good content should be relevant, unique, and engaging regardless of when someone reads it (this is known as evergreen content), they are still readable after many years of being online. Evergreen contents hardly fade, the fact is, people would keep searching for them as the year come and go. A keyword like how to monetize a website will still be trending till we breathe our last because hundreds of websites are built weekly and there is need to monetize them. A good content will reduce your website bounce rate plus users would stay longer on your website no matter your niche. You need to understand this process because they main purpose for which your website was built is to regularly direct people to your website so they'll see what you can offer.

Whether your selling your own product or not, you need to have traffic - more traffic means more revenue for you. In case of affiliate marketing or Google Adsense, you need huge traffic to make money from your website. For this reason, you need to improve your SEO. We have published some free SEO (Search Engine Optimization) courses on this blog you should consider reading them. You can also send us a mail to get some awesome SEO PDF's that we used to learn. Your traffic lever will automatically determine how much you will make from your website. To be specific, good things comes to people who wait for it patiently. Making money from a website without selling anything is very hard. It might take about 1 year of 6 months in my own case. If you're diligent and consistent with what you do, soon your efforts will pay off. As a content publisher, you should focus on producing contents that'll solve your readers problem, once you're able to manage and leverage this ,everything else will follow. So begin by choosing the right web hosting provider, build your website ,build your traffic, produce relevant, unique, and engaging contents. Thanks for reading how to monetize a website, do well to drop your thoughts in the comments below.

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