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Updated Anonytun VPN Settings: GLO Free Browsing Cheat (September)

Specks readers, obviously it's been a while since I published an article here and that's because I was writing my first semester examination. That being said, I have something that would probably make you smile though. To be precise, this is the first GLO Free Browsing With Anonytun VPN on this blog. The previous Airtel free browsing with EC Tunnel VPN and MTN free browsing with stark VPN drove massive traffic to our blog and they are still working perfectly. If you haven't used any of the VPN's mentioned above then you're really missing out.

Settings For GLO Free Browsing With Anonytun VPN

I stumbled upon Anonytun VPN few days ago while I was searching for how to cure acne with aloe vera. This VPN has been around for a while and I'll be sharing the configuration steps with you.
  • APN Settings: Use your phone's default APN settings.
  • To begin with, Download and Install Anonytun VPN Beta 5.0 Here.
  • Once the installation process is completed, launch the app and tap on CONFIGURATION.
  • Having done that, activate Tunel VPN ON/OFF
  • Change connection protocol to HTTP (Hyper Text Transfer Protocol).
  • Set connection Port to 80.
  • Next, toggle on PAYLOAD.


>> URL/Host:\
>> Request Method should be: POST
>> Set Injection Method to: Normal
>> Tickk User-Agent >> Select GENERATE, then Save. >> Click on CONNECT then wait for few seconds, Anonytun Beta will attach. I hope it works for you though. Enjoy your free browsing with Anonytun VPN and browse your favourite websites and power all applications on your phone. Kindly drop your thoughts in the comment section below, happy free browsing.

Requirements For Anonytun VPN Free Browsing

Anonytun VPN mobile app

Strong 3G network

Non active data plan is required

An android phone

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