How To Rank Higher On Google | 7 Ultimate Guide (2022)

As a website or blog owner, you'd want to rank your website on Google's first page. This has been the dream of every webmaster. Your website can get to your target audience in so many ways. With SEO (Search Engine Optimization), you can reach your potential customers any where around the world. Before we learn how to rank higher on google, we must understand the basis which include search intent, we must understand how search engine works and we also need to have an idea of what SEO tools are. SEO(Search Engine Optimization) tools helps a website to perform well in the real world. The most commonly used SEO tool is Keyword Research Tool and we have a whole lot of the on the internet.

How Search Engine Works

Search engines such as Google, Bing, Yahoo or Yandex makes it simple for you when sourcing for information online. These search engines crawl the internet to discover content which includes images, web pages and videos. They make use of a computer program called a robot which is the short for bots. Their goal is to create a list of the most relevant results and display them to the searcher. When a person wants to find something, they type in a word or phrase called SEARCH QUERY.

How To Rank Higher On Google

Ranking is the ability of search engines to determine or decide which content is the most useful to searchers. If you want your website or blog to be listed, you must produce relevant, unique and engaging contents. Develope contents that are targeted to your coustomers need.

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  2. The idea here is to come up with compelling post idea. Remember that there are thousands of websites and blogs writing the same NICHE as you. Copy and paste blogging won't help your website or blog, rather your website search rank will suffer and it will end up being penalized by Google. You can goto your competitors website and glance through their work. You will learn new tactics and you should implement them on your website. Your contents should also include videos and quality images so that your customers can spend more time on your website. Consider embedding videos to your contents although videos are not factors that determine a website rank in Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs).

  4. Let me take you back to what I wrote above. When a person wants to find something, they type in a word or phrase called SEARCH QUERY. The words or phrases are called keyword. These keywords are what your potential customers will use to look for information when their making a search online. In other to direct them to your website through keywords, you must research them using keywords tool. Some searches are paid while some are not paid. The screenshot below is an example of a paid search. You can see the Ad displaying next to the website. It means that the owner of this website has paid Google some amount of money for his website to appear in that position, this is known as SEM (Search Engine Marketing) or it can also be called a paid search.

    Organic Search: This is the method I've been using for about 4 years now. You need to find a good keywords research tool so that you can know what your potential customers are searching for around your Niche. There are alot of keywords research tools out there. Some are paid tool while some are free. These tools includes:

    • Google Keyword Planner
    • Ubbersuggest
    • Keyword Magic Tool

    Study the image below. Look at the Search Volume of the keyword How To Rank Higher On Google. This is the keyword I'm targeting in the post. You will notice that the MONTHLY VOLUME of this keyword is 1,273, and that means that only a few number of websites are awear of this keywords and only a few of them have writen about the keywords.

    A keyword should be about 4 words counts. According to my research, Long-Tail Keywords are the best because only a few number of websites are awear of them, they also have less competition in the market. A good example of Long-Tail keyword is Buhari On A Trip To London.


    1. Add keywords in your post description. That is the blue link that will appear on Google.
    2. Add keywords only once in h1 header.

    3. Add keywords in bold or italic tags.
    4. The keyword must be in the first and last paragraph of your content.
    5. Add keywords in the alt section of your images but don't over do it. img src="" alt="ADD YOUR KEYWORDS HERE"/>
    Add keywords where they make the most sense. Do not over use your keywords. Your keywords placement depends on how lenghty your content is.

  6. Add 2-3 links of your previous post in your new contents. Make sure to include your keywords in the Link destination text, instead of saying Click Here. Internal linking is very paramount because it helps to strengthen your keywords internally for those specific pages you're linking. It enables your customers and search engine bots to easily navigate through your websites and these internal linking also tell search engines like Google that those pages are relevant for that keyword phrase.

  8. Meta tags are very important. The Meta Tags are what determines wheather your customers will visit your website or not through CTR (CLICK THROUGH RATEs). The META TAGS are the title of your blog post. This is what your potential customers will use to enter your website or blog. The image below will give you full insight of what Meta Tags and description really are.

    If you fail to write an attractive meta tags and descriptions that are SEO friendly, your blog will have difficulty in ranking on Google.

    Here are some tips on how to rank higher on Google with Meta Tags

    • Use numbers in your meta titles. Take a look at our blog title, we add 7.
    • Include your primary keyword in your post title. Our primary keyword is how to rank higher on Google, while our secondary keyword is -Ultimate Guide.
    • Try to add the current year or month or next year. Take a look at our post we added 2022.
    • Keep your meta tags under 60 characters.
    • Use brackets in your post title if it makes sense
    • .

    Having known this, let's dive into

    Meta Description

    • Write a compelling and attractive summary of your content that will create curiosity.
    • Put your primary keywords and LSI keywords into your Meta Description if you can. Keep it natural and don't stuff your description with keywords.
    • Ask A question.

    If you don't write your custom meta description, Google will automatically generate it for your web pages.

    If your hosting your blog or website on WordPress, you can install SEO plugins like Rank Math or Yoast SEO plugin to generate custom meta description for your web pages.

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  10. A website should be easy to navigate. Here is a fact, more than 40% of people will abandon a website that is not easy to navigate or a website that takes much time to load. In simple words, if your website is hard to navigate , has a slow loading speed, you will gradually begin to loose half of your traffic. Even Google confirms that page loading speed is one factor that boost a website ranking. When selecting a theme for your website or blog, go for a simple and clean theme/template. Take a look at our blog, its easy to navigate and you can find contents easily with the search box.

  12. Bounce Rate is the time rate at which a website visitor clicks back or logs out of your website after they visited it. Google Analytics is a powerful Search Engine Optimization tool that will help you track all your website activities including Bounce Rate. To set up an account, visit to signup.

    Adding A Property

    • Give a name of the website you wish to track.
    • Add your website or blog URL (Uniform Resource Locator) which is the same as the web address.
    • You can also select your industry category.
    All of this will help Google Analytics build a better report and also education that are tailored for your industry as stated above. High Bounce Rate means that your visitors are not spending much time on your website. They might hit the back button after 2-5 seconds of their visit. Lower Bounce Rate tells you that your visitors spend much time on your website and they value the content you produce.

  14. I talked about Google Analytics earlier, it's a poweful SEO tool any webmaster can use. In the offline world, this process can be very hard to measure. But so easy in the online world. One of the fastest ways to index your website on Search Engines is by submitting a sitemap. For bloggers using Google Blogspot, they can add a Custom Robots .TXT file on thier blogs. Another quick way is by submitting your websites sitemap to "Google Search Console" . Your website will be indexed within 24hours. You can see your website or blog sitemap by using the format {} .Track and monitor your website result and performance with digital analytics if you want to get insights on how to rank higher on google.

    Apart from submittung a sitemap, you can also do a whole lot with Digital Analytics. Different kinds of business can benefit from analytics. E-commerce websites can use analytics to understand and track customer purchasing behaviour and help better market their their goods and services.

    Lead Generation websites can use digital analytics to collect their user information from sales teams to connect with potential leads.

    Digital Analytics can work efficiently on many platforms like mobile applications, video game consoles , POS and other internet-connected platforms.

    Wrapping Up: How To Rank Higher On Google

    Ranking higher on Google search can be difficult, but if you do it the right way, you'll see your website doing well in search results. Building high quality backlinks is a powerful way to increase your ranking. Backlink is simply the presence of your website on another persons website or blog. Search engines always watchout for backlinks. A website can even rank higher due to customers review. Search engine lookout for what people and other websites are saying about your website. This will give them clue that your website is meeting your customers needs and they'll place your website in front of your potential customers when they search your business online. I hope you enjoyed reading this blog post, kindly drop your comments and thoughts about this content, have a beatiful week ahead.

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