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Dear visitor, thank you for visiting again. is one of the fastest growing blog in Nigeria and it has grown drastically since it's inception. Today, you'll get to know about some picture websites you probably don't know about. You will know the best website to download free stock images. Free stock images are free to use by anyone, either for personal or commercial use. Free stock images may be copyright free. Although we can't really know wheather an image is copyrighted. Other good examples of copyright infringement may include recording a film in a cinema and making use of copyrighted images on your website or blog. These websites are free to use plus your credit card is not required because you're literally paying for nothing.

Who Can Use Picture Websites?

  1. Bloggers and website owners can use free stock images to strenghthen their contents instead of downloading pictures from Google search engine. I have been using free stock images since 2018.
  2. Video editors can get high quality images for their projects.
  3. Literally anyone.You can do whatever you want with them without authors consent or permission. Thousands of free stock images have a "creative commons zero" just like some videos on youtube. You can copy them and also distribute them even for commercial purposes.
  4. Most of these websites also have millions of free videos across all categories and you're not spending a dime to download them.

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Picture Websites To Download Free Images And Videos

  2. Pexels has always been my favorite free stock website. You can't really write a blog post on free stock images with mentioning pexels. Pexels have a large collection of free images and videos across all category. This website is free to use. Pexels is basically the go-to image source for many bloggers around the world. You can find images of animals, plants, fitness, sport, countries and many more.
  4. Pixabay works like every other free stock website out there. Perhaps they also offer free vectors and illustrations which can be used for your powerpoint slides. Pixabay is a business and marketing oriented website which is often useful for bloggers and also content marketers. Pixabay has a very large database of high-quality videos and images for everyone.

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  6. UNSPLASH is another wonderful free stock website with over 50,000 contributors who upload over thousands of high-quality , high-resolution images. Chances are good that you'll surely find something fascinating to work with.
  8. Pikwizard is one of the best websites to download free stock materials. Pikwizard offer a huge collection of high-quality images. Another thing I love about pikwizard is that they allow you to add overlays to images, text and also basic editing before downloading any image. Consider looking into this website if you really want to have control over what you download. They also have a paid plan with full-feature for image editing tool online.
  10. Pawpixel seems to have the most collection of stock images. Pawpixel also offer vectors, public domain contents, mockup photos and many more. They also have a pain version which is focused on hope for little children.
  12. Reshot is one of the fastest growing picture websites. Reshot is a fanbase community, whose mission is to give photographers the chance to share their creativity with thode who need it. Reshot has a stunning, beautiful, amazing, extensive and completely free curated image collections.

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  14. Picjumbo is a free stock website owned and managed by a 24-year-old photographer whose photos were constantly rejected by major stock wesites. This website is one of the leading and thriving stock sites in the market with free collection of photos.
  16. Stockvault has a good search engine. Each piece of photo are categorized and well-organized. Stockvault is another go-to source for free stock wallpapers, textures and photos. This website is only half the size of unsplash, perhaps it's also mobile friendly and curated. There are also thousands of uploads every single day.
  18. This website does not offer curated free stock images like pixabay or unsplash. Morguefile is almost like Google search engine. You can easily find stock photos of random people doing their everyday activity like the photo of a young boy brushing his teeth.
  20. Gratisography seems to be the biggest free stock website. They excel at giving free images that are highly unique and less stocky. This website only feature some of the best projects and only the most interesting submissions get accepted.


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