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Ever thought how to create an app for free and make money? This detailed content is for entrepreneurs who consider building and app to boost their business(s) or people who wants to become professional app developer in the future. According to my research, the demand for mobile apps are increasing. If you really want to create an app to boost your online sales, then you should consider taking this blueprint seriously because it's a life changing opportunity. I've come to learn that free mobile apps makes more sales and profit than the paid apps out there. Most people often ask a common question about mobile app monetization. Ever thought how to create an app for free? Or how does mobile apps get its revenue?

Before I further my writing, I want you to understand that the order and growth of mobile apps hasn't ended and of course it won't end now according to the CEO of Techcrunch - one of the fastest growing technology blog in the world. Mobile application market has grown drastically since it's inception although the percentage of paid applications revenues dropped to 37% from 75% - that's not encouraging but experts in the field has also predicted that between 2020-2026, mobile applications will be in high demand and definitely global app revenue will automatically double!

To my greatest surprise, free mobile applications makes more revenue than the paid ones - infact, 98% of the revenue generated in the whole wide world comes from free apps, according to Google play(the tech giant). Techcruch also confirmed that most applications in the market are free. In the future, paid apps revenue might drop so sit back, relax and learn how to create an app for free and make money. If you're new to this business, then you've come to the right place. Our content will walk you through the process for monetizing your mobile application even without an advertising network like Google Admob. I have watched so many videos on youtube and the need to learn app development is paramount. The fact is, one good mobile app can make over $1000 every single month. Having known this, let's get into the tutorial.

How To Create An App For Free And Make Money?

Over the years, I've created some apps for my personal use. I've also made a mobile app for my first blog, way back in 2018. The order for mobile app developers on Fiverr - one of the world's largest market place for freelancers - seem to be increasing every month. Mobile apps are flexible, portable and accessible at any given time. once installed on a mobile device, you can use it whenever you will.
  1. : Think of any type of application ever made, bubble will do it for you. Obviously there is no limit to what kind of mobile app you can make with bubble. Bubble is friendly. You will tell bubble what you want to do, what features you want your app to have or what settings your apps should have. You can make any kind of app with bubble and bubble works perfectly well on a laptop or tablet. Mobile phone users won't be able to access bubble. With bubble you can make apps like: Tiktok, Instagram, Whatsapp, Facebook and any app you can ever think of.

    Bubble might require technical know-how and of course you can build an advanced mobile application in a couple of hours without a single line of code. If you do not know anything about programming, you shouldn't fear because bubble got you covered. Bubble community has grow drastically since it's inception and their team has a goal to make people stand out from the crowd. You should consider watching the video below, that's bubble tutorial and it contains all the information about bubble and also a step-by-step guide to build your first mobile app without learn any programming language.

  2. : This was the first mobile app builder I used way back in 2018. Appcreator24 is one of the fastest growing mobile app builder on the internet. I made my first web app with appcreator24 and it was looking very professional as if I were a professional programmer. Appcreator24 allows you create professional looking mobile application but there are also limits. There are some apps you can't possibly make with this mobile app creator. Appcreator24 allows you to create and design simply for free, easily add sections and appcreator24 doesn't require any technical know-how or experience before you can make any app.

    From your appcreator24 dashboard, you can add sections to your apps. For example forums, chats, music, your products, images as well as videos. You can also send messages to your mobile app users, your users can receive notifications, orders and promotions in an immediate way. Users can easily download your app when you share your app link - . You can visit the link so you'll download specksblog web app for easy access to our blog posts and updates.

    You shouldn't worry about your users downloading a new version of your app anytime you make changes or update on the app. The changes will be applied immediately once you save the changes on your admin panel. You need to publish your apps on Google PlayStore before you can monetize your apps with Google Admob. What are you waiting for, start creating standard apps without coding with appcreator24 and make money online today.
  3. : Appsgeyser is an leading mobile application builder in the mark. If you're searching for how to create an app for free and make money, you should consider looking into appsgeyser. Appsgeyser has more standard features than appcreator24. With appsgeyser, you can put your facebook page or youtube channel inside a single app. Appsgeyser allows you to create web applications, mobile phone keyboard, e-commerce mobile apps, wallpaper apps, you can turn instructions or step-by-step guide into a handbook. There are a whole lot to achieve with appsgeyser. With appsgeyser, you can make a chat apps like whatsapp or telegram.

    Here is another fascinating fact about mobile apps you probably don't know about. According to a recent study, 98% of the adults living in the United States own a mobile phone. Business owners and entrepreneurs are recognizing the importance of mobile application and most of them are adapting quickly to the change in their environment to ensure it helps them increase sales on their e-commerce website. If you have an online store, you should consider creating a mobile application so your store will reach it's full potential. We know that having a mobile friendly and well optimized e-commerce website is a first step to generating passive income from your store. The fact is, about 75% of customers would rather purchase products from a store using a mobile app than a website. Meaning that if you're getting 200 transactions every week from your store, 80% of your customers would prefer to shop directly from your mobile app.

  4. : Offline capabilities are one of the top benefits embedded in appypie. Building an application without writing a single line of code can be fun. Appypie apps allows its users access some contents on the mobile apps even without internet connection. Appypie is easy to use. Simply choose a unique name for your app, pick a category, add standard features, customize with color scheme and create your standard mobile app in a minute. Frankly speaking, no coding skill is required. Besides the free app design offered by appypie, they can also help you to publish your android and IOS mobile app on Apple App Store and Google Playstore without any problem. Building your first mobile app is not as complicated as you think. With appypie, you can make your dream app.

    When you build a mobile application with appypie, you can add some amazing features like chatbot, augmented reality (AR), artificial intelligence (AI), internet of things and also visual reality. Literally, anyone searching for how to create an app for free and make money can trust appypie. Your mobile application can be built in minutes with just a few simple steps. You can create iphone apps, android and PWA apps in one go and watch your business reach it's full potential by connecting with all your valuable customers from all walks of life. Choosing appypie as your mobile app partner will assist you to build and design sophisticated iOS and android apps with just a few easy steps.

Based on my research, there are so many mobile app builders on the internet but only a few are mentioned in this content. You can conduct your own personal research and try to explore the market. In this post, we're going to use to create a simple web application. If you have an e-commerce website, you should consider taking this part seriously. You can publish your website or blog inside an app so your audience can easily access your website without going through Google or any mobile app browser like chrome, uc browser or opera mini. so without further ado, let's get started with the tutorial.

How To Create An App For Free And Make Money With Appcreator24

  1. Visit on your mobile device , tablet or laptop. Having done that, locate the sign-up button.
  2. Fill the form by providing precise information about yourself and send.
  3. From the next page, locate create app. Choose a name for your app, add description and upload your app icon if you have one. You can still change it later.
  4. Select a color scheme for mobile app and next.
  5. We'd we creating a web app today. So select web app.
  6. Add the title of your blog, website or e-commerce store and provide the web address.
  7. how to create an app for free and make money
  8. Congrats, you've successfully created your first mobile web app with just few steps. Go to app manager window to download your app and begin to add sections inside your app. The screenshot below is the web app for
  9. Go to your app manager and locate sections. You can add as many sections as you wish. Sections can include links to another website, blog or e-commerce store. You can even create a GAME with appcreator24. You can place HTML, CSS and Javascript codes inside your sections. You have to publish your app on Google Playstore before you can monetize with Google Admob.

7 Most Popular Revenue Models For How To Create An App For Free And Make Money

  2. Displaying ads on the mobile is the most common, easiest and precisely the fastest way to make money from your free mobile apps. It's easy to implemet and it can be done through a third-party ad network like Google Admob. Google admob is the most common ad network used by many publishers. As an app owner, you simply need to put a piece of Google Admob ads code inside your app. Besides advertising networks, you can also earn through affiliate marketing. Whenever your users clicks the ads, you get paid. Whenever they see a displayed ads, you also get paid. There are basically for main types of display ads that can work on your mobile app:

    Interstitial ads: For example an ad can display to a user who currently edited a video and saves it on their phone gallery.
    Banner ads: Banner ads comes in different sizes. You often see them at the bottom or top part of mobile apps screen which are less obstructive.
    In-app video ads: This ads pops up and starts playing on the app screen. They are usually used as in-app rewards.
    Native ads: Native ads are integrated and they are very common these days. Native ads revenue are very low compared to other methods stated above. These are ads aimed at promoting a product or other mobile apps.

  4. Subscriptions is also one of the fastest ways to earn revenue with mobile apps. As a publisher, you can choose to offer some contents on your app from a limited period of time and then charge your users for a subscription fee if they want to have full access of the apps content without any restrictions. To achieve this, offer free trial content on your app for some period of time and then charge some subscription fee for users who wish to make use of the app after their trial version is exhausted. These methods works best for video and audio streaming apps, cloud services apps and online news app. Instead of users to pay a one-time fee, they can pay for a recurring few. Only 5% of apps in the market are making use of this model.

  6. Selling merchandise on your free mobile app is a great innovative approach. Merchandise can be anything like shirts,toys, shoes, etc. Many e-commerce stores and businesses are leveraging it. Merchandise can be sold directly on the app or through e-mail marketing. Amazon has launched a service called Merch, this service has been running drastically and it helps publishers to make their own artwork, upload to the platform and also promotion features for products. To make things easier, Amazon pays for products and delivery of items. Now, if you think this method will work best for you, then dive into the market and conduct more detailed research.

  8. According to forbes, In-app purchases are sure going to dominate in the years to come. Forbes shows that mobile apps with in-app purchases generate the highest revenue for app publishers. In-app purchase provides an avenue for the publisher to sell variety of products directly from your mobile application. Mobile games like Angry Birds and Clash of Clans have designed a user friendly experience which allows users to purchase items within the games. In-app purchase is one of the most commonly used model for most publishers. Agencies and advertisers in the UK are spending majority of their funds on mobile advertisement. 77% of the worlds agencies and brands are investing in in-app purchase inventory. If you're searching for how to create an app for free and make money then look into in-app purchase because this model is quite profitable.

  10. Sponsorship is one most popular revenue models for "How To Create An App For Free And Make Money" This method works well if the publisher builds the right niche app. A Niche apps is an app that is built for a specific audience and launched on behalf of another brand or company. If you're considering using this model to monetize your mobile app then you need to consider sponsors whose target audience as in the same niche as you. Before creating such app, you need to build a list of companies and organizations that could actually benefit from the partnership. So, do your research well.

  12. As a publisher, you'd promote third-party products and services directly on your app so you'd optimize revenue opportunities. You can sell your own products directly on your app. Affiliate marketing is made easy with pop-up ads. How does it feel to get paid for every install your free app get! If you consider monetizing your free mobile app with affiliate marketing, then you should read about Affiliate Marketing Webites To Join And Boost Your Earning.

  14. Many e-commerce businesses have started leveraging free mobile applications for selling their physical products like shoes, designer bags, toys, t-shirts and more. Via developed mobile app your e-commerce business can reach it's full potential. ROVIO company sells about 1million branded t-shirts and designer backpacks every single month. If you are not sure of the proper etiguette, carefully watch others do and follow suit. Amazon has launched Merch self-service program aimed to sell custom branded t-shirts from their mobile application.

Tips For Choosing The Best Monetization Model

The type of mobile app you want to create will determine the monetization methods you'd use on the long-run. First off, you need to understand the type of app you're creating and what problem your mobile app will solve for users. Once you have a clear idea and understanding about what type of app to create then choosing a monetization method for your app won't be a problem. Find your competitors and discover their fault and check if there are loophole that can become a great opportunity for your mobile app project. Before you can successful monetize a free app, you need to know and study your target audience. You can ask yourself some questions like: who are they? What do they want? How much can your target audience pay? You need to have all the data beforehand if you really want to earn revenue from your free app.

Wrapping Up: how to create an app for free and make money

With so many monetization models out there, it is paramount to note that each method has it's pros and cons. Trying all these tactics is a good starting point. I hope I've been able to answer questions like how to create an app for free? How to make money with a free app? And how to build a web app with appcreator24. Besides the hybrid and standard monetization models, such as in-app ads and in-app purchases are gaining popularity in the mobile application market. No one knows how mobile application market will develop in future, but currently, statistics shows that mobile apps are in high demand and they equally generate high revenue in the market.Obviously, the growth of mobile apps isn't stopping soon, infact the demand for mobile apps are increase in the upcoming years. Before you decide on what monetization model to use for your app, think about your users first. Make sure your monetization doesn't annoy them and if you want to retain your users for a longer period of time, you should give them the best.

How much money do apps make per download

Many people often ask this question. The fact is, your apps aren't going to make any money from the downloads. Apple Store or Google Playstore doesn't pay publishers per download. There are 3 common ways publishers earn through their app:
  • Advertising
  • In-app purchases and
  • You paid app (Outright Sales)
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