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8 Lucrative Ways To Make Money As A Student In Nigeria-fanbook21 | 2022

How can I make extra money while i'm in the University?.. This is a question I always ask myself before I got admission into Eko College Of Management And Technology. You should also ask yourself this same question because your actions would pay off some day. Three(3) years ago today, I learnt HTML and CSS and I was given a recognized certificate upon completion. As an observant person, I've studied alot of students in my schol. Some students have gifts and talents, while some are just the normal type of human. You would'nt blame them though. Some had the oppotunity, while others were not fortunate. As a student, you need to equip yourself with some skills, so that you won't depend on your parents for everything you need while you're in school. In this blog post, we are going to briefly explain 10 Lucrative Ways To Make Money As A Student In Nigeria.

8 Lucrative Ways To Make Money As A Student In Nigeria

  2. Look at the likes of Linda Ikeji's blog. She started blogging few years back using Google blogspot, then when her traffic amassed, she moved to Wordpress. A blog is the smallest website you can have. According to my research, there are over 6billion websites on the world wide web (WWW), and 500million of them are blogs. A lot of people from all walks of life are making a huge amount of money from owning a blog. I so much love Indian people because they make use of every platform they come across. Ranging from youtube to blogging, photography and cinematography and what have you. We all know the suituation of the country, times are hard now and obviously skills are paying off these days.

    You can make a lot of money from blogging. YES!, that is true because I've made money blogging in 2019. The image you see below is my Google Adsense verification PIN delivered to my address. Once you can publish about 16 contents that are unique, relevant and engaging then your blog has the chance of displaying Google Adsense Ads to your readers. But that is not all, your blog should have some unique pages such as About Us, Contact Us and Privacy Policy because that is what the bot want to see. A bloger is not a person that copy and paste other peoples works to their own blog. If you do that, your chances of making money is zero and your blog would end up being penalized by Google on the long run.

    Now that you have known the basis, it's time you tab in to the business. Another way to make money is by Paid Ponsored Posts, Advertising Company Products, selling your own products , Affiliate marketing and more income streams.

    You can start a blog using Google Blogspot, Wordpress + Bluehost, Joomla, and more. Google Blogspot is a free hosted platform. You only need to purchase your domain and pay your web designer. A domain name is something like this .

  4. Youtube is one of the most visited websites in the world. And it's one of the most lucrative ways to make money as a student in nigeria Having known this, you can now view from your mind the importance of becoming a youtuber. Youtube can become your money making machine. According to my research, the richest youtuber in the world is about 12 years old boy. He share review of latest children toys on this channel.

    GOOGLE ADSENSE PROGRAM is the best way to monetise your channel. Before you can be accepted into the Google, Partnership Program, your channel must have have about

    1000 Subscribers
    10,000 views and
    4,000 watch hours. Once your channel have all these records, then you're eligible to monetize with Google. Get your video camera and start shooting. Edit your videos and upload it to your channel.

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  6. Affiliate Marketing is one of the best ways to monetise your blog. An affliate marketer is someone who sells other brands product using links, banners, and their website. When selection a product, we recommend you choose products that pays about 10% commission while some products may pay as low as 2% commission. There are many websites you can join to begin your Affiliate Marketing career. N.B Clickbank is not available in Nigeria, that is sad to hear.. Clickbank is the best affiliate marketing platform in the world.
    #Commission Junction
    #Bluehost affiliate pays about $60 when your customers purchase their hosting plan with your affiliate link.
    #Siteground affiliate
    Amazon Associate

  8. A freelancer is someone who offers services for client online on the web. You can't become a freelancer if you actually have nothing to offer to people. A freelancer sells his/her skills online. You can offers services like web design and development, writing blog post, writing email that drives sales to a blog, search engine optimization services (SEO), Mobile APP Development, Graphic Design and many more.

    We have standard websites you can start working with. Websites like and are the best market place for freelancers. Clients can play orders, you get the job done and you get paid handsomely

  9. E-BOOKS:
  10. According to my research, people are making a living by selling books online. Content creator write on a topic they are passionate about, the writen content is then converted into a PDF format and they begin to market it online. You can also sell these books on your blog when you have a massive number of traffic and also gained trust by your readers.

    An E-BOOK can also be converted into an app, here you'll have to submit your app to Google PlayStation for $25 while the Apple App Store is for $100. You begin to earn your money when you monetize your E-BOOK app with Google Admob, Admob will place ads on your app, you'll get some commission when your ads are viewed or clicked on.

    Depending on your ads type, some pay about $0.02 to around $0.04 per click.

  12. Obviously, Matriculation, Birthdays, Graduation and events happen all year round at the school and many student like to keep record of those memorable events. The incessant need for videography and passport photograph would drive your business profits on the long run.

  14. Just like your read above, events happen every year in all schools, most of them require a BANNER/FLEX. With your Corel Draw or Photoshop, you can make a nice looking banner for your school and get paid handsomely. The image below was designed by a Computer Engineering student in my school using Adobe Photoshop.

  16. Hair dressing, make up and fixing of nails are some of the most lucrative ways to make money as a student in nigeria. Most students especially the females are more particular about their appearance in school. Say you have a deep knowledge of these, you'll be living a happy life in school because events in school will prompt girls to come looking for you once they notice you and discover your talented.


    Having read through this blog, I believe you've been able to learn and understand something you never knew about. Although, there are other lucrative ways perhaps we just have to filter the internet so that we can present the best posible results. If you are in college and you're reading this content, i'd advice you start learning something that will benefit and change your life as a studentn in Nigeria.

    Like I said earlier, there are many ways to earn this money. PROGRAMMING is also in high demand. You can learn coding online or you attend programming class in your area. Kindly drop a useful insight or comment about this content. Do have a lovely day ahead...

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