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Welcome back to another wonderful post. Today we're talking about Airtel Free Browsing Cheat. Today we're glad to introduce EC TUNNEL VPN. With EC Tunnel VPN, you can accumulate 140MB data daily. It might seem very little perhaps it can help you daily to browse your favorite websites and also for chatting with your favorite apps like facebook, whatsapp and instagram. Without further ado, let's get into the tutorial.

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This cheat is for all Airtel users in Nigeria, this is the latest free browsing cheat for EC Tunnel VPN and Ec Tunnel VPN Pro. It's fast, stable and it's totaly free. This cheat is divided into to section: 49MB and 50MB respectively. You can connect to both tweaks within the same day. But once exhausted, you have to wait till the next day.

how to activate 49Mb and 50MB daily cheat for EC Tunnel VPN

  1. You have to download EC Tunnel Lite VPN Here or downlaod EC Tunnel Pro VPN Here
  2. Having downloaded EC Tunnel VPN, lauch it and proceed.
  3. You can see the servers above, kindly select Airtel 49MB or 50MB in the tweak list and connect to start your daily free browsing.
Note: If you've downloaded EC Tunnel VPN Pro, you have to select proxy port 80 else it won't connect to the server.

That's all my lovely readers, thanks for reading and I hope you enjoy your free browsing plus also follow specks blog so you'll stay connected.

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Updated: You can also try 48MB server, it's working like fire 🔥

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