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How To Monetize A Blog With Google Adsense In 2021 | 10 Proven Ways - Specks

Happy new month lovely readers. 4 years ago today, I was struggling to build a passive income online. I have done so many online jobs like taking surveys, article writng and referral program businesses. Way back in 2016 when I started blogging, initially I wasn't successful because I was not producing my own content. I do copy and paste other bloggers content to my blog. In 2018, I started another blog using Google blogspot. I wrote consistently on which I sold after 11 months alongside my Google Adsense Account. In this content, you'll learn how to monetize a blog with Google Adsense in 2021. This article you're currently reading was produced based on real life experience and case study. This is 100% guaranteed and it's really working. If you're looking for how to build an income stream working from home, then you're in the right place.


  • What Is Google Adsense?
  • Understanding Google Adsense Matrics
  • Why Is Google Paying Me?
  • What Types Of Website Google Adsense Will Accept?
  • Choose A Profitable Niche
  • How To Prepare My Website/blog For Google Adsense?
  • Website Requirement For Google Adsense
  • How Much Can I make A Day?
  • How Can I Get Paid?

How To Monetize A Blog With Google Adsense In 2021

  1. What Is Google Adsense?

    I know you might have already heard about Google Adsense because you're reading this blog. But for a couple of seconds, let's understand the concept for beginners here. Google Adsense is an online advertising network managed by Google. Google Adsense is for publishers (bloggers and website owners). You simply publish ads on your website or blog then Google will pay you when someone sees or clicks on the ads. Simple right? is a good example of a blog.
  2. Understanding Google Adsense Matrics:

    Google Adsense pays publishers in two ease ways. The first method is CPC while the second method is CPM. CPC is the short for Cost Per Click (how much you will earn when someone clicks on any of your ads). CPC may vary depending on the company that paid Google to advertise. CPM is the short for Cost Per Impression. (So if you get 1000 impressions/Views without clicks, Google will still pay you.
  3. Why Is Google Adsense Paying Me?:

    Google Adsense is paying you simply because you have website or blog. We also have ADVERTISERS and PUBLISHERS. In this case you are the publisher, while Google is inbetween. Advertisers will pay Google some amount of money to run thier ads, Google will place advertisers ads on your website while you earn some commission.
  4. Understanding Different Kinds Of Websites:

    There are 3 main types of websites that can run Google ads effectively. Google has recommended them and their working effectively.

    BLOG SITE: A blog is a website where you can easily publish written articles. is a good example of a blog site.

    FORUM SITE: A forum is a website where people can ask questions, answer questions and also discuss. A website like or is a good example of a forum website.

    FREE ONLINE TOOL SITE: An Online tool website is a website that offers free online assets like SEO checker tool, Keywords research tool and more. Having known this, building an income stream online with Google Adsense won't be a problem.

  5. Choose A Profitable Niche:

    Having created your blog, it's time to publish articles so that your audience can read. Firstly, you need to pick a Niche for your blog. A Niche is simply the subject area your of your blog. You may also ask yourself what kind of content will grab peoples attention. You can write on any Niche of your choice. You can write about dogs and cats, crypto, food, real estates, digital marketing, health tips, beauty, celebrity and so much more.
  6. How To Prepare Your Website/blog For Google Adsense:

    Frankly speaking, I got my first Google Adsense approval in 2018 without any issues. Before Google can approve your website or blog, your website should be clean in design. Google loves a mobile friendly website and a website that is easy to navigate. Purchasing a theme isn't necessary, you can go for a free mobile friendly theme also. Google also want to see active pages on your website or blog. When you scroll down to the footer of this blog, you'll see the About Us Page, Privacy Policy Page, Contact Us Page, sitemap and the likes. So before you apply for Google Adsense, make sure you have all these important pages on your website.
  7. The About Us Page should contact your business logo if you have any. Simply write a brief information about your website, your website project and what content you can offer.

    The Privacy Policy Page is also very important. Click here to copy our privacy policy and edit it to your taste.
    The Contact Us Page is also very important. Simply add a contact form inside that page. You can also add your business email address or your social media handles.
    Make sure to add all your blog post inside specific label/categories so that all your contents will be organised.
    You should also submit your website or blogs sitemap to Google Search Console for indexing and performance measurement, or you simply add a custom robots .TXT file if your hosting your blog on blogspot.
  8. Website Requirements For Google Adsense:

    Before Google Adsense can approve your blog application, your blog must have at least 15-20 unique and relevant contents. Before Google can approve an application for a forum, the forum must have saome engagements. Publish some questions and answer on your forum and make sure people are following them. For an online tool website, make sure to describe how a specific tool works, add images and you can also embed youtube videos.
  9. How Much Can I make A Day With Google Adsense?

    Google Adsense CPC can vary depending on the company that is advertising. The average CPC rate is $0.02 -$0.04. According to H-educate ,a popular youtube channel with over 444k subscribers, his CPC is around $0.68. You can boost your earn by adding affiliate marketing links within your content. Don't depend on only one income source. I have made a list of top 10 best affiliate marketing websites that will boost your earning.
  10. How Can I get Paid?

    Google Adsense has up to 4 payment methods. You can get paid through direct bank deposit. So you have to link your bank account with your Google Adsense account after you have reached the threshold of $10. Once you have earned $10, Google will send you an email so that you can verify your identity with your National ID Card. You can also choose Paypal as your payment method depending on your location. Google can also pay you with cheque. Learn how to create a lesotho paypal account that can receive and send funds in Nigeria and in any country.

Wrapping Up: How To Monetize A Blog With Google Adsense In 2021

I hope you enjoed reading this post. This content is 100% legit and accurate and also based on real life experience. If you want to be successful, you have to follow the steps, have some patience and publish relevant contents everyday. Don't be a copy or clone of others, learn , relearn, unlearn and be consistent. Have a fruitful month ahead.

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