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10 Free Accredited Online Certificate Programs | Google Certificate Courses

The world is evolving everyday and you should consider moving along. The fact is, there are many free accredited online certificate programs, online courses with certificate and free online university courses. Many people earn a recognized certificate online which can be attached to their resumes and CV. Getting certified online has a lot of benefits and it can save a whole lot of money because some online courses are actually free. During the first phase of the 2020 lockdown, I was certified by Google upon completion of the fundamentals of Digital Marketing Certificate Examination. The courses listed below are suitable for newbie, intermidiate learners as well as experts who are interested in learning a new skill.

Free Accredited Online Certificate Programs

free accredited online certificate program
  2. Google Digital garage offers a free online digital marketing course which you can learn at your own phase. Upon completion of the course, you'd write an examination consisting of 40 questions of which you must score 80%. Google digital marketing course is one of the fastest growing free accredited online certificate program and anyone around the world can enroll for free. The course is written and well edited by experts in the field. If you're searching for free online course with certificate, you should consider writing Google digital garage examination. Google digital marketing course will walk you through the process of taking your business online, finding lots of customers to purchase your goods and services straight from your mobile app or website-everyone's online these days.

    Let's say you're selling shoes, for instance. Your very first step to finding potential customers online or being found online, would be to list your store in local online directories like Google My Business. In your area, people can search for shoes online and you'll appear in the results. You'd also learn about Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Social media marketing with facebook,twitter or pinterest for boosting awareness of your business, E-mail marketing tips that will boost your sales and drive massive traffic to your website with engaging headlines that will catch people's attention. You'd also learn about Display Advertisement, Search Engine Marketing ,Affiliate Marketing, Website measurement and tracking with analytics.

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  4. These programs are categorized into three main stages of difficulty namely advanced, intermediate as well as beginner. There is no prior skill or experience required to learn this course. GOOGLE DEGREES & CERTIFICATES is a flexible online course and you can learn at your own pace with your mobile device or tablet. Coursera is one of the biggest websites in the world and anyone can learn a new skill at their own pace from the comfort of their home. If you're looking to build your career in IT or technological field then this course should be the best for you. This course will help understand big data structure and machine learning, security management, mobile app development. This course will prepare you for any professional cloud architect examination.

  6. Google IT support professional certificate is one of the best free accredited online certificate programs for anyone preparing for a job in IT support firm. You will learn at your own pace and no techical know-how is required before learning this course. Upon completion of the course, you can connect with top employers in the field after earning your certificate. If you want to become an expert in troubleshooting, Operating system and security,system administration. Besides all these, you'd also gain experience from Googlers plus success tips that will help you build your career.
  8. The fact is, mobile app development and web development are one of the most in-demand jobs at the moment. Lets say you have an online store where you sell your products and at the same time, you own a mobile application for that store. 70% of your potential customers would rather shop through the mobile app while 30% will shop through your website. If you're interested in learning mobile app development and web development online then there is no better tutor than Google itself. Once you have completed the course, you'd take the examination then add your recognized certificate to your resume. The course is accompanied with quizzes and practical questions. Google developers course has a free and paid options available.

  10. This course is created by Google to certify anyone working with Google cloud platform. The course gives you an overview of the fundamentals and core concept terminologies needed to work with Google cloud. Google cloud fundamentals course covers SQL, cloud storage, Kubernetes, and access management and what have you. This course is rated 4.7 out of 5. The course will run for 1 week, 6 to 10 hours per week to be precise. Coursera is working with Google to give you this extensive program.

  12. This course is a complete program with assignments, reading, hands-on practices that will increase your learning skill. Google UX Design course offers a free professional certificate to anyone who wants to become successful in UX design. This course is created by skilled professionals of Google. This curated online course will walk you through the process of planning research studies, conducting interviews, understanding the basics of UX design and research. This professional certificate program consists of 7 different courses that will walk you through the process of learning complete design from scratch. Google UX Design is one of the best free accredited online certificate programs that cover essential concepts like design testing and building wireframes. Upon completing of the program, you'll have to apply your skill to test your knowledge.

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  14. Lets say you have a niche website or blog that targets a particular region, you can track your websites traffic with digital analytics. Digital analytics helps you track your website performance by collecting and analyzing data. Analytics has quickly become one of the fastest growing job profile in the world. Digital analytics will help you improve your website performance and business tactics. Google digital analytics course is a video and text based lesson. You can visit the course community and FAQs pages to find relevant post questions that can be answered by expert in the industry.

  16. Taking this course can make a difference in your resume. Learn how to search for information using different formats like videos, text, images, books or even with map. This course will teach you how to interpret URLs so you'll know an authentic website and what information the website carries. Daniel Russell is an instructor at Google and he has been part of them team for 15 years now. He finds interest in searching for how people search for information on Google. These program is a paid course and you get certified with a verified and recognized certificate if you want to earn with this skill. You can enroll for free if you want to get better at finding accurate information on Google.

  18. This program is a perfect curriculum that will prepare you for any job as a project manager. Google project management professional certificate program is curated with video classes and you'll learn more about project management, developing scrum artifacts and scrum event implementation. You will learn how to utilize project software, you'll also get opportunity to learn problem solving, strategic communication skills, and stakeholder management techniques. Joining this professional program would help you gain deep understanding of project management. GOOGLE PROJECT MANAGEMENT PROFESSIONAL CERTIFICATE is one of the best free accredited online certificate programs online.

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  20. The tech giant itself collaborates with Udacity to bring the best content for areas like web development, Robotics, ML, Firebase, Android development and much more. If you're searching for a step-by-step guide for front-end web development, building native mobile applications with Kotlin and product design. Technical know-how or experience is not required to learn this course. This course is suitable for advanced and intermediate learners. You can join GOOGLE PROGRAMS & NANODEGREES community to share your ideas and clarify your doubts. This course is taught by industry experts and your learning will cover real-world scenarior.

Free Accredited Online Certificate Programs

My list are some of the best courses, certifications and tutorials online that are handpicked from hundreds of experts in the field. These recommendations are based on decades of collective case study and experiences. So far, I've been certified by Google upon completion of the fundamentals of digital marketing and I'm not stopping now. Getting certified online can save you from stress. You can get jobs with your certificate plus you can also add your certificate to your CV and resumes. So my list are some of the best Google course, class, training and certification online for anyone who wish to acquire new skill this year. I hope you found my list fascinating, go out there and make a difference. I wish you a happy learning! Please share this post with friends and family across social media platforms and forum websites like Quora. 10+ free accredited online certificate programs.

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