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Here are the Google Chrome Addons Extension everyone should have. If you're working online as a blogger, digital marketer, youtuber or affiliate marketer, you'll definitely need to install some Google chrome addons extension that would help your digital marketing career. So if you're planning to step up an online business or work for a company online, installing these chrome extensions is the first step to being successful online. Whether you're a freelancer, email marketer or copywriter, Google chrome addons extension will help achieve greatness in your online business. So let's go through the list of 10 best Google chrome addons extension everyone should have if they're working online.


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  1. Gmass
  2. Take a look at the screenshot below, you'll notice I installed Gmass extension on my Gmail account. Gmass was developed by Ajay Goel. Gmass has grown drastically since its inception. Gmass is one of the most powerful and sophisticated email marketing softwarevon the planet. Gmass is very easy to use. Once your Gmass is installed, you can easily compose and send messages on your gmail account - you won't click the send button, you will click Gmass.

    You can connect your Gmass with Google sheet. With Gmass, you can send up to 50 free emails a day. Another interesting thing you should know is Gmass Affiliate Program - you can earn commission when people purchase a paid Gmass plan. I'm also promoting Gmass product through this blog so you can use my affiliate link to signup and choose a Gmass plan.

    Gmass will turn your gmail account into a small email marketing application. You can personalize emails, schedule your emails, and you can add email lists to send bulk emails and more cool features.

  3. Grammarly
  4. This is another Google chrome addons extension every digital marketer should know about. If you're a blogger, copywriter or email marketer, grammarly will help you write better contents that are 100% error free. Say you've started your email marketing journey and you want to send an email announcement aimed at copywriters, telling your customers about the best Google chrome extensions they'll need for their copywriting working. Perhaps in other to get potential customers to read your emails or newsletter, firstly, you have to get them to open the email you sent.

    Writing long emails doesn't guarantee more views - the most important factor is the first impression. Grammarly will help you write effective email headlines that will compel your customers to open the email delivered to them. Grammarly will help keep your subject lines short and simple. Grammarly helps to make your emails, blogpost and articles engaging and persuasive without error.

    Grammarly has an affiliate marketing program that rewards affiliate for each sale they make. You can join to start earning extra income online while writing compelling blog post, emails and articles.

  5. Keywords Everywhere Chrome Extension
  6. Keywords Everywhere is one of the most powerful Google chrome addons extension on the planet. Keywords Everywhere Chrome Extension works like every other keyword research tool you ever used. I work's like SemRush, Ahrefs or MOZ.COM SEO tool. Way back in 2018, keywords chrome extension was a free keyword research tool until they got attacked by hackers. This was the first keyword research tool I used way back and honestly, it has a great feature indeed. Keywords everywhere is now a paid SEO tool which allows you to conduct up to 100,000 keywords with only $10.

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  7. Inssist
  8. Inssist is one of the best instagram web manager any can use. With over 342 thousand active users and companies, inssist is one of the safest, reliable and secure way to use instagram in your web browser like Google chrome. Inssist can help you enable dark mode on Instagram, inssist allows you to send direct instagram messages, inssist allows you to post videos, reels, stories and photos. Inssist works perfectly on some operating systems like Linux, Windows and Mac. You can enjoy this offer once you install inssist chrome extension on your PC or Mac.

  9. VidIQ
  10. VidIQ is one of the most powerful chrome extension for video creators especially Youtubers. VidIQ has a lot of powerful features like:
    • Keyword Research: VidIQ is one of the most powerful Google chrome addons extension that will help you to optimize your video's organic reach. VidIQ has inbuilt feature that will help maximize your video titles, descriptions and tags. This tool will also show you how your competitors are winning traffic on their channels.
    • Youtube Trending VideosVidIQ gives you insight into the most popular or trending youtube videos topics. So if you want to know which are the most popular videos on Afro music, VidIQ can do that!
    • VidIQ can celebrate your youtube wins If you've got 1000 subscribers or probably uploaded over 200 youtube videos, VidIQ can help you track your achievements and they can generate certificate for your success which you can share with your potential customers.
    • VidIQ has productivity tools and also Thumbnail Generate.

  11. SililarWeb
  12. Similarweb is an extension I use almost every day when I'm surfing the web. Once installed on your PC, you can use this powerful tool to source information about the website you're surfing like You can use similarweb to check the global rank of any website, the traffic the website receive, the page views, traffic sources, bounce rate and more. So if you're looking for information online, you can use the tool to know whether the website is valid. If your getting calls from any website or you're looking forward to partner with any website, similarweb helps provide useful information about websites.

  13. Notion Web Clipper
  14. Notion is one of the best web clipper any can use. Say you just visited my blog and you read an article, you can save it to Notion. Same applies to youtube channels and anything you do online can be saved. Notion works effectively on mobile, sefari and chrome. This is the one of the best Google chrome addons extension everyone should consider installing on their internet devices. I also use Notion to save my school projects, payments and more. You should try this tool and you'll be happy for the rest of your life.

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  15. WapFont
  16. For instance, you're surfing a website and you want to know the exact text font that website is using, you can install this chrome extension if you want to know the font family, font weight or literally anything about the font of any website online. Colorzilla is a great tool that will help you build professional-looking landing pages, websites, and blog. Say you like a particular color on a website, you can use this tool to get the color code or RGB combination.

  17. Wappalyzer
  18. Wappalyzer is one of the best Google chrome addons extension for everyone especially for webmasters who wants to know the technology behind any website. Wappalyzer will tell you the content management system a website is built on. Wappalyzer can show you the web server a website is using plus other backend technology the website is using. This tool can help you spy any website in the world.

    Conclusion: Google Chrome Addons Extension

    These are the best Google chrome addons extension anyone can install on their Android, Windows and Mac operating systems. When you install this extension, your online activities would be managed perfectly. As a blogger looking to rank her on Google search, you should consider installing keywords everywhere chrome extension on your mobile device or pc.

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