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I welcome you to this website, thank you for being a part of us. If you've been following this blog, you'll notice we always lay emphasis on Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and the reason is because an online business or website can barely reach it's full potential without implementing SEO. If you're searching for SEO Training online then this in-depth review is suitable for you. My list below contains the best SEO training with certification. You'd also read about the free courses and the paid courses, how much they cost plus tips that'll assist you in choosing the right SEO training online. There are many ways to get SEO certification. Perhaps we're talking about getting certified online. If you're studying SEO course online, the course provider would certify you upon completion. You'll also need to pass exams before you can be awarded. Having any recognized SEO certificate shows that you have the necessary skills and training.

The cost for SEO training online vary per institution. Unfortunately, Google does not offer an SEO training perhaps there are third-party institutions that can offer you SEO certificates if you want to become an SEO expert. Google offers some digital marketing training online that includes SEO modules but they're not awarding SEO certificate to applicants. If you're planning to learn SEO online then the list below will walk you through. To be frank with you, certificate alone doesn't make a person an expert in any field but it proves that such person has undergone the necessary training in a subject area. Certificates are also very good for your CV, so getting certified from a reliable source is important. Learning SEO without practicing won't make you successful. SEO is not theoretical but it's completely practical. The first step to becoming an SEO expert is by applying all the strategies you've learnt. The first place anyone can practice SEO is on their personal website or blog.

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10 Best SEO Training With Certificate

  1. Reliablesoft SEO Bundle
  2. Reliablesoft is indeed one of the fastest growing Digital Marketing Agency and soon they'll be launching their affiliate program where affiliates can promote their online courses and earn $20 per sale. They have more that 3500 students enrolled and their courses are highly rated. Reliablesoft SEO bundle includes 4 courses which include Keyword Research course, Tracking with Analytics, SEO, and Ecommerce SEO course. Their SEO course price is $89 which is good for an average person.

    Reliablesoft also has a free SEO training course which explains in details the three major SEO process: On-page SEO, Off-page SEO, and Technical SEO. If you're interested in learning advanced SEO topics then this course is the best for you. Reliablesoft free SEO training course is suitable for beginners whom SEO is foreign to them. In addition to the free course, Reliablesoft gives you access to download the complete SEO checklist upon your registration. The material contains all necessary strategies that would make your website SEO friendly. So, what are you waiting for? Register and get studying.

  3. MOZ SEO Essentials Certificate
  4. MOZ is one of the leading SEO companies online and they have been around for many years. Although they have their own SEO tool perhaps their SEO essential course is not dependent on their tools. I use MOZ to conduct my keyword researches because their SEO tools are highly respected in the industry. MOZ SEO essential course covers a wide range of topics. This course is taught by professionals plus you need to pass the final exam before you can get certified. This SEO training goes for $595 (once-off), and it covers advanced and basic SEO practices. It's only 6 hours long.

  5. Yoast SEO Training
  6. Yoast has grown drastically since it's inception. Wordpress users won't deny the fact that Yoast is behind most of the popular wordpress SEO plugin. Yoast all-around SEO training is a 3 hour online video course that gives you access to all their SEO courses. Once you complete all the modules, you'll get an SEO certificate plus a badge. The price for this course is $89 (per year). Yoast SEO training will walk you through the process of optimizing the technical SEO of your website.

    Yoast also has a free SEO training course which is good for beginners without prior SEO understanding. This course explains the fundamentals of SEO, and how search engines works. It also explains in the following topics in detail: content SEO, technical SEO, and introduction to SEO. Anyone interested the knowing how all the components of SEO works should enroll in the Yoast free SEO training course.

  7. ClickMinded SEO Academy (free & paid)
  8. ClickMinded SEO course covers a wide range of SEO aspect which are taught by experts with many years of working experience. This course is suitable for agencies, organizations or companies that have huge budgets. Obviously, an individual might not be able to purchase this course for personal use. If you're searching for a course that is taught by reputable professionals with years of working experience then this course has your needs.

    ClickMinded also has a free SEO training course and I enrolled yesterday. It covers a wide range of topics like tracking with Analytics, social media marketing, digital marketing, and many more. Once you submit your email address, they'll mail you a password which you can use to gain access to their courses. The mini-course is free, perhaps anyone that violates their policy will lose access within 7 working days and also if you don't complete the lesson within 7 days, they will automatically un-enroll you from the course and you won't get access to it forever.

  9. SEMRUSH SEO Academy (free)
  10. SEMRUSH is one of my favorite SEO tool which I use very often. SEMRUSH has most of the best feature any SEO website should have. Although it is a great tool, they now offer a free SEO training with a certification. Greg Gillford is the brain behind this amazing project -an experienced SEO consultant in the industry who has more than 17 years of working experience. SEMRUSH SEO Academy course comes with 8 different modules covering topics like link building, international and local SEO, mobile SEO, on-page SEO, technical SEO, and the basics. This course is great for beginners who wish to become an SEO expert without spending a penny.

    The free MOZ SEO training course covers a wide range of topics including:

    • How to troubleshoot HTTPS issues
    • How to identify and fix crawling issues
    • How to create SEO contents
    • How to improve your On-page SEO
    • SEO auditing your website
    • How to perform log file analysis

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  11. Advanced SEO Certification Training (paid)
  12. The price tag for this course is $770 which is probably a negative factor for small businesses and solo blogger like me. The price would definitely turn customers off but to be specific, the course is worth it. It covers all aspects of search engine optimization. The lessons are taught by industry focused experts with more than 15 years working experience. If you're an entrepreneur or a business owner, this course would help you get your employees certified in SEO. Advanced SEO Certification Training is the best option for marketing professionals.

  13. LinkedIn SEO Tutorials
  14. LinkedIn learning was previously called Lynda. All the courses offered by Lynda are currently under LinkedIn learning. There are lots of courses taught by LinkedIn professionals, you should consider learning one of the SEO courses available on the platform. LinkedIn learning covers a wide range of courses including:
    • Local SEO
    • Internal linking
    • Content marketing planning
    • Understanding your audience
    • How to measure SEO effectively
    If you wish to get more comprehensive understanding of how search works, content marketing, and audience measurement with analytics, you should enroll in the course. You get free access to LinkedIn learning for only one month, after that, there would be a monthly charge if you want to access the material afterwards.

  15. SEO Training Course by MOZ
  16. So far, more than 205,000 students are enrolled in the free MOZ SEO course on Udemy. In fact, this training is the most popular course on the platform. Rand Fiskin - on of the MOZ founders presented this course and it already has 4.3/5 stars. The duration for the course is 3 hours and all the courses are in video format. Unfortunately, the major issue with this course is that it hasn't been updated since MOZ released it. Some of the SEO tactics in the video are completely out of date. That being said, Rand Fiskin is indeed a great presenter and learning from him is fun and enjoyable. Honestly this is the best course for anyone that's just getting started with Search Engine Optimization.

  17. Free SEO Training by Hubspot
  18. If you're curious about knowing the advanced level of SEO, you should consider taking this lesson. There are for modules in the course which are namely:
    • How SEO is done at Hubspot blog
    • How to develop an SEO strategy
    • How to scale your linking building campaigns
    • How to develop and execute a guest blogging campaign

    Conclusion: 10 Best SEO Training

    Getting certified with any certificate doesn't make you an expert in that field. It only shows that you have gone through the learning process and you have all the necessary skills required to work with Search Engine Optimization. If you want to become an SEO expert, you should consider purchasing one of the paid courses because free courses aren't enough, they only contain the basics. A good online course take a lot of time, effort, and money to create, and to this effect, most of them aren't offered for free. Online courses are usually updated so they'll have the latest trends in the industry so be careful when purchasing anyone online.

    Kindly drop your thoughts in the comments and i'll be glad to respond to them.

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