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Top 10 Best Affiliate Marketing Websites That Will Boost Your Income Online | Affiliate Marketing (2022)

Welcome to specksblog, an online blog where you get some useful contents. Today, I want to talk about Affiliate Marketing Websites to join in 2021. Affiliate Marketing is one of the best ways to earn money online. Unlike other online businesses, Affiliate Marketing seems to be different a little bit. The idea here is to sell people's product and you earn some commission on the long run. Affiliate Marketing is one of the fastest growing business used by freelancers, webmasters and bloggers worldwide to generate huge amount of money every single month. Many bloggers in the world today prefer to use Affiliate Markeing as a source of income rather than using advertising networks like Google Adsense or Propeller ads.

There are several ways to make money online, perhaps were going to be specific today. Before I further my writng, first off, I will briefly talk about Affiliate Marketing because we need to know the basis of the business. If today is your first time of visiting this blog, you can navigate to our home page so you can have full accesss on the blog.

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How To Get Started As An Affiliate Marketer?

An Affiliate Marketer is someone who sells products for a brand. The product can vary. An Affiliate Marketer can sell products like Courses, E-BOOKS, Videos or any digital product online or offline. Affiliate Marketing can be done online by using the Brand's banner or link directly on your website or blog. You can see Konga banner displaying on the head section of this blog, that is an example of a Brand banner.

Affiliate Marketing can also be done sucessfully offline by sharing your Affiliate link(s) with your customers.

Can Affiliate Marketing Be A Career?

Of course, Affiliate Marketing can be a career. A lot of marketers around the world are Marketing products for brands and they get paid handsomely. We will learn about Affiliate Marketing Websites in the paragraphs below. As an Affiliate Marketer, you will choose a product that is worth selling. A product that is useful to your audience. Affiliate Marketing business can be so easy to leverage because your website or blog subscribers can automatically turn to your potential buyers. There are large numbers of E-mail marketing softwares out there, register your website or blogs domain with some of the best companies like Convertkit, Aweber, MailChimp, Hubspot, BenchmarkEmail and what have you. This websites will take your Affiliate Marketing to the next level. You simply need to write unique, relevant and compelling E-mail titles that will attract your audience attention.

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Affiliate Marketing Websites To Earn Commissions

  2. ClickBank Affiliates is still the best Affiliate Marketing website today. They have hundreds of products you can promote. To be realistic, I've never promoted any product for clickbank because it's only available in some countries. Nigerians and few other countries does not have access to clickbank. Many Affiliate Marketers prefer to sell Clickbank products because it's commissions are even higher than Amazon Associates.

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  4. ShareAsale is also one of the best Affliliate Marketing websites you can join in 2021. This website has been in business 20 years now, and they have grown drastically since it's inception. They feature any kind of products you can think of. ShareASale has one of the best payout option available unlike other popular affiliate websites. Setting up a ShareASale Affiliate account takes more time to setup. It's not a major issue, but technical know-how may be required to set up and account comparatively.

  6. AMAZON, earth's biggest product section. Almost everyone knows Amazon bacause of the efforts of Jeff Bezon (Worlds Richest Man). All Niches has its own space on Amazon, thats why it's one of the best place to start hustling. Amazon will pay you 10% commission for every product purchased with your affiliate link. Amazon has few number of payout options unlike ShareASale. Amazon pays their affiliates only with cheque, bank transfer or by Amazon gift card.

  8. Ebay is an Affiliate platform where you need to find listings you want to promote, your promotion will be done using Ebay's partner network tools, and you earn your commission. Ebay's interface is simple to understand, and there there is no complex sign up process. Ebay will double your commission for the first 3 months. That's huge right? There are few paramount things you need to know about ebay before you join the platform.

  10. Shopify cannot be underestimated. Shopify is one of the fastest growing ecommerce software used by webmasters and bloggers around the world. Shopify is one of the leading Affiliate Marketing Websites to earn commissions from. Say you're a blogger looking for a good platform to monetize your blog, shopify is a fantastic affiliate program for you to earn. Shopify is worth referring your audiences to.

  12. Rakuten is also a leading ecommerce store like Shopify. They feature products like high-end electronics to the smallest items. Rakuten is ready to pay affiliates who help them to sell anything on their store. Rakuten is an award-winning online store you can trust and they also partner with brands as big as NBA itselft. Start up an affiliate marketing business today and earn real money online.

  14. Jotform is one the leading online form builder that has over 8 million users. Jotform is used by many different businesses. Many businesses are starting to see the importance of online form builders as it tends to boost business productivity considerably. If in the past you have filled out an online form, it's probably JotForm. JotForm has a tool called Commission calculator which helps you to calculate your potential earnings. JotForm commission rate are pretty high, they pay thier affiliates 30% commission. Monetize your blog with JotForm affiiates because many businesses are making the most use of online form and your audience can be the right fit. JotForm affiliates is only valid for 1 year. You cannot earn from them after one year, hope they adjust this soon.

  16. Bluehost is one of the best web hosting service available. Say you want to use Bluehost to manage your Wordpress website or blog (the busiest content management system CMS), you can also join bluehost affiliates because they're so highly recommended. Don't you think it's time to partner with them too? Wordpress has recommended bluehost to web designers and bluehost has a straight-forward referal process in the market. You can easily set up bluehost affiliate account and start sharing your referal link and get paid for anyone who purchase any hosting plan. You won't earn from bluehost if your audience or customers don't buy hosting plan with your referal link. Bluehost will pay you $60 for every unique purchase.
    Affiliate Marketing Websites

  18. Google Adsense is one of the biggest online advertising network. Google Adsense is not an affiliate marketing platform. It's currently the most popular way to earn money as a blogger. When I started my first blog way back in 2018, I was earning with Google Adsense. Before you get approved, your website or blog must meet their needs before Google will place advertisers ads on your blog or website. Once you reach the theshold of $10, Google will send you an email which means you need to verify your identity before you can get paid. Google Adsense withdrawal limit is $100. As a publisher, you cannot click on the ads displaying on your website or blog, your account will be terminated if you try to do that. Google Adsense pays you for every unique click you receive on your ads and you also get paid by views.

  20. Google Admob is not an affiliate program but an online advertisting network that works like Google Adsense. Google Admob is only for peole who have moblie applications. When you visit google Playstore, you'll notice that when you're about to download an app, Playstore will tell you that such app contain ads. Most of the apps on playstore are been monetised with Google Admob. Start creating moblie applications today and start earn with your app.

Affiliate Marketing Websites Tips

I hope I've been able to explain in details. Although, there are other good affiliate marketing programs that are not on this list. Make your research and explore the market.
  1. Affiliate Marketing is a bit critical. When you have a website or blog, your work load can reduce. All you need to do is paste your affiliate links within your blog posts and place banners within the HTML section of your website or blog so that your audience will know the products you are promoting.
  2. Banner works perfectly well. You need to get a good professional graphic designer who would design your affiliate marketing banner so that your customers will know what you sell.
  3. You can make short videos about your product. Use video sharing websites like youtube to boost your affiliate sales. Youtube is widely opened to people from all walks of life.
  4. The first set of people your links can get to is friends and family. Before people can purchase through your links, they need to trust you first. You can also share your affiliate links on social media and forum websites, but be sure to read their privacy policy.

Affiliate Marketing Websites Tips That Will Boost Your Sale In 2022


  1. People tends to run away from unknown link source. Many internet users fall victim of scam every single day. It will make more sense if you make a short video of yourself explaining who you really are and what kind of product you can offer.
  2. Use affiliate marketing platforms that pay above 10% commission to their affiliates.
  3. Write a unique, relevant, compelling and worth reading detailed review or tutorial about the product you're marketing and tell your customers or audience how the product will help their life.
Building relationship is one of the best affiliate marketing tactic that will boost your income stream. Kindly drop your comments down below and thanks for reading our blog. Have a splendid week ahead.

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