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When I was growing up as a child, I always told myself that immediately I’m a graduate, I'd look for work in a big company. The fact is, most of us grew up with this mindset; a whole lot has changed over the past few years and honestly speaking, technology has made our living on planet earth so fun and easier. Needless to say, many people from all Walks of life are making a living without stepping out of their home. There are so many freelance work from home anyone can do. As you can imagine, you can work from home and still get paid heavily. In this blueprint, I’ll give you a list of freelancing jobs for beginners. If freelancing is completely foreign to you, you should worry less because you're on the right page and I will give you all need to know for free.

Before we begin to talk about some of the best freelance websites for beginners that are available, I would like to briefly share a little insight for the sake of those who are new to this niche.

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What Is Freelancing?

In a simple term, freelancing means working for yourself. You are not working for any brand, company or organization and you aren't expecting a particular salary at the end of the month. As a freelancer, you offer to clients and once you complete your job or task your get paid by the person you're working for. A freelancer do not necessarily need to live his home, he or she works from home or anywhere and at any time of the day - they work remotely. A freelancer can offer services like content writing, video editing, web development, graphic design, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) services and lots more. The services you can offer totally depends on your skill and what you can bring to the table with the knowledge you have.

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Why Do We Need Freelance Website?

A freelance website is one where anyone with any skill can open an account, upload their gigs and they offer services when customers need their gigs or services. One of the freelancing websites we would talk about in this blog is You can sign up and create a seller account with them. Each time someone need any of your services; they would contact you. In this Blueprint, I won't be talking about the steps to create a seller account on fiverr perhaps you can learn how to setup a fiverr seller account here.

Freelance Website to join in 2022

Having known what freelancing and freelance website are, it's time to get up and run as quickly as possible. For many beginners, the idea of freelancing sounds like a far-fetched belief. Freelance website cannot be underestimated and the possibilities seems to last forever. Thousands of freelancers earn 4-5 figure passive income monthly by selling their skills online.
    Freelance website

    Coming in hot at number one is Fiverr is one of the most popular platform used by many freelancers from all walks of life. On fiverr, anyone can offer services like: Blog and article writing, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Mobile App Development, Video Editing, and much more you can think of. Fiverr being one for the top freelance work from home platform has amass millions of users across the world today. They have 3 selling modules which includes: Basic plan, Standard plan, and Premium plan. The least payment for all gigs on Fiverr is $5 - this simply means that no freelancer can get paid below $5 per gig. When setting up a seller account on Fiverr, you should give a detailed description of your gigs and try to pick a unique and relevant gig title so your gigs can rank high in Fiverr search engine. You should consider installing the Fiverr mobile application on your phone so you won't miss customer’s request. Fiverr has 24/7 customers support all round-the-clock. You can find the perfect freelance services for your business on Fiverr. Fiverr is trusted by big organizations like P&G, Facebook, Google, and Netflix.

  3. Upwork is a vibrant and popular freelance website that has grown drastically since its inception in 2015. Over the years, Upwork has made a name for themself. Upwork is trusted by many tech companies and leading brands and startups like Microsoft, airbnb, Godaddy, and Bissell. Upwork is sure to be safe and secured; you can work without fear. They protect their user’s data and privacy and they are there for 24/7 to support if you’re in need. There are so many skill you can offer your potential customers on Upwork – this skill includes: Resume Writing, JavaScript Development, UI Design, Game Development, Copywriting, Logo Design, Social Media Management, Bookkeeping and much more to offer.

    Josh Machiz, Chief Digital Officer of Nasdaq quoted that "Upwork platform allows them to differentiate themselves from their competitors plus produce relevant, unique, and engaging content at a higher caliber."


  5. is one of the leading and fastest growing freelance website on the planet. was designed to help people turn their ideas or belief into reality. Few months ago before setting up my Upwork account, my IT lecturer advised me to setup an account on Their payment is 100% safe and satisfying. Before you hire someone to do your job on the platform you can browse through their Portfolio to see samples of previous work and customer’s testimonial. is curated and their library is loaded with thousands of freelancers for any size and budget. They have a group of talented and experienced team who can even help manage your projects on the platform.

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  7. I stumbled upon this grate website called Kimp. I was searching for graphic design jobs online in 2022 and fortunately, I landed on Kimp. Basically, Kimp isn’t a freelance website. However they offer graphic design and video services. Any company looking to save a whole lot of money from design should consider Kimp. Kimp is open to everyone who is already tired of paying high hourly rates to freelancers. You can use Kimp to achieve your graphic design goals without breaking the bank – the most interesting part of this website is that your edits are payment low fixed monthly. You can start your Kimp 7days free trial. Kimp is trusted by many brands and companies like: Greentoe, 1&1, LondonReal, and more.

    If you hail from Philippines than you should consider reviewing this website. is one of the best market place to find experienced and resilient Virtual Assistants in the Philippines. This website was founded way back in 2008 by John Jonas. Since its inception, has grown drastically and has become one of the most used market place to find Filipino Virtual Assistants. isn’t just a Virtual Assistant platform, they also have members that are well skilled in areas like Graphic Design and Search Engine Optimization (SEO). You can find some of the most talented and hardworking freelancers on
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  10. PandaCopy

    If you’re interested in working as freelancer form home, be sure to give PandaCopy a hook. PandaCopy enables Copywriters to write as many articles, social media contents, blogs, and stories. They also help your find awesome writers. This platforms offers only two monthly plans – you should consider reviewing PandaCopy pricing. PandaCopy is paramount to companies because it helps with plenty of marketing ideas. PandaCopyis a freelance website that has perfect craft for 15 years now.

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Wrapping Up: Freelance Website | Best Freelance Website for Beginners

Right now, I'll leave you with the decision to choose the freelance website that suit your needs and skill. Alternatively, you can choose to work on multiple freelance platforms significantly. Remember the old days, banking system was a bit daunting at some point. Today, can easily send and receive money anywhere in the world without stress. As a freelancer, you need to have at least one virtual account like Paypal or Payoneer where your clients would send funds after completing their work. As technology continues to evolve more and more people around the world send and receive money online every day.

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In our digital era, I'm sure freelancing is something the entire world can hardly live a moment without. Many big websites and blogs today hire ghost writers to do write for them because they might be occupied with so many jobs at hand. Freelancing is one of the best ways to earn a passive income online. If you're new to this blog, consider subscribing, drop your thoughts, and do well to share this post. As a matter of fact, over 1004 people are searching for the keyword freelance website globally every month.

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