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Learn SEO Online

Two years ago today, I started learning SEO (Search Engine Optimization) because I wanted to increase my website's traffic plus I also wanted my contents to rank higher on search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo, and Yandex whenever people search for some piece of keywords. For an extended period of time, I was constantly searching for keywords phrases that can boost sales and bring more revenue to a business website. If you're reading this blueprint to learn SEO, I congratulate you because you're in the right place. Before I further my writing, I want to give credit to MOZ.COM is indeed one of the fastest growing SEO websites in the world. MOZ is embedded with so many powerful SEO tools to be precise. I use MOZ to conduct my keyword researches and they offer a thirty (30) days free trial which allows you to conduct keyword research.

Learning SEO is essential if you want to learn how to do Search Engine Optimization on your own. This skill can be acquired by anybody wishing to know how search engine works, search intent, crawling, indexing, and website ranking. Learning SEO is not the key important stuff, what is really important is that you should practice SEO. That being said, you need to understand what you're about to learn.

Who Is An SEO Expert?

To become an SEO expert, you need to learn SEO. An SEO expert is a person that literally knows how SEO works and how to use SEO to level up the rankings of a website in search engine result pages (SERPs) Increase product sales and to boost the revenue of a particular website. There are obviously numerous reasons to why one should improve his SEO skill even if you aren't planning to offer SEO services to clients on the web or freelance market place like Fiverr and Upwork.

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Significance Of Becoming An SEO Expert

Rank Higher On Google And Increase Website Traffic - The fact is, this is the main reason why you want to become an SEO expert or the most obvious reasons why people want to learn SEO is to amass huge visits to their website. Optimizing a website for SEO can take your website business to another dimension. A website or blog with high quality traffic is likely to make more sales or revenue with ads network like Google Adsense.

Decrease Cost - Doing SEO yourself will save you a lot of money. As a solo blogger or entrepreneur, the tendency of hiring an SEO specialist would be very low and you'd spend less money. Having an SEO skill will sky-rocket your online performance and you'll depend less on external SEO agencies.

SEO Is The Key To A Successful Website - Your website or business cannot survive online without implementing SEO. SEO is no longer optional because all websites and businesses should be built with SEO in mind. You should learn SEO as a skill and use it correctly because the online competition is growing drastically and it's only your SEO practices that can make a huge difference in your business or website's success. Search Engine Optimization is highly recommended for a marketing manager. Having an SEO skill will give you actionable insights that would help you leverage your management strategy amidst organizations and colleagues.

Learn SEO Online: 10 Actionable Steps To Become An SEO Expert
  1. Understanding Search Engines And How They Work:

    First things first. Before you even think of becoming an SEO expert, you must familiarize yourself with search engines and how their algorithm work. Most beginners think they understand this aspect but the fact is, they don't. Knowing the basic concept will walk you through your journey of becoming an SEO expert. Basically, search engines have three main procedures:
    • Crawling - Search engines usually "crawl" the internet so they can discover contents for the searcher. The contents they crawl includes: images, videos, as well as web pages. Each search engine is built and designed with a computer robot called bots or spiders which hop from one page to another looking for contents.
    • Indexing - This is the second main process. Search engines categorize each piece of content they discover on the internet. Indexing is a huge collection of all the contents and pages the bot found on the internet.
    • Ranking - There are so many ways search engines determines a website rank. Search engines rank a website based on the number of words on a page, freshness of a website's content and the number of website's linking to it. Ranking: They show the most useful result as possible.
    Once you understand these processes, you'd be able to optimize website's without problems.
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  3. Understanding Search Engine Marketing Concept:

    Before getting your hands dirty, one needs to understand the role SEO plays in digital marketing campaigns. To make your internet presence stronger, understanding different SEO tools is paramount. Basically, Search Engine Optimization and Search Engine Marketing are almost alike. The little difference between the two is that SEM traffic is paid while that of SEO is free. SEO is often referred to as Organic Traffic, it cost nothing for your website or business to appear on search results. SEM on the other hand is best known as paid Search. You will paid search engines to advertise your website or business on a particular possible in (SERPs).

    Google ads is a SEM platform with PPC (Pay Per Click) for every click your link get, you are billed. Both methods stated above are important aspect to take note of when you learn SEO to become an expert in the industry.

  4. Understanding The Concept Of SEO:

    Beginners thinks SEO is all about links and keywords. Yes, SEO covers that aspect perhaps it's way much than that. The sole purpose to why we practice SEO is to bring our business, products and services in front of the right audience. As an SEO expert, your sole purpose is to bring customers to a website or business, turn unique visitors to recurring visitors who would later turn to buyers. SEO Increases brand awareness and user trust. SEO is basically divided into three types and you'll learn about them in the next paragraphs.
  5. An SEO expert should know what strategy to implement at any stage so you website will be fully optimized.

    On-page SEO -

    On-page SEO are the practices implemented within or inside the website. On-page SEO is the most important part and it should be taking very seriously. The contents on a web page, videos, images, and all headings must be optimized for search engines to read their context. On-page SEO practices includes:
    • Meta Descriptions
    • Internal and external page linking
    • Keyword Research and placement
    • Title tag optimization
    • Heading tags (H1 tag, H2 tags, etc)

    Off-page SEO -

    Off-page or Off-site SEO are those practices done outside the boundaries of the website. Off-page SEO practices includes:

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    • Backlinks
    • Sharing your contents on social media platforms like Facebook and Pinterest boards
    • Keyword Research and placement
    • Promoting your website on the internet

    Technical SEO -

    This phase is responsible for the indexing, ranking and crawling of your website pages. Technical SEO helps search engine index web pages without issues. The best technical SEO practices are stated below:
    • Domain registration and parking
    • XML sitemap and Robots.txt file optimization
    • Improve your website load speed
    • Your website should be mobile friendly
    • Find and fix crawl errors and broken links
    • SSL Certificate optimization
  6. Choose And Utilize The Best SEO Training:

    When you begin to learn SEO, you'll discover that there is a lot to familiarize yourself with. The fact is, there are too much information about Search Engine Optimization online. Literally, there are so many things to learn and this can create mess in the end. You need an expert that will encourage and guide you through the process of becoming an SEO expert in the industry.

    20 years ago today, learning SEO wasn't that easy like nowadays. There were no courses or step-by-step guide to learn SEO. With the help of technology, we can get all we need in one place. People who have passion for SEO can choose and utilize some of the best free or paid SEO courses online. Websites like Google, Udemy, Coursera, and SkillShare offers detailed SEO courses online for anyone wanting to learn SEO to become an expert in the industry.

  7. Know About SEO Changes:

    You should understand that search engines update their algorithm and rules all the time. A good SEO expert must know about these changes so they'll adjust their marketing campaigns effectively. Google makes over 250 changes to their algorithm every year. It's important that you stay informed about SEO changes. All you need to do is follow a couple of SEO website's and blogs that produce high-quality and proven news about on-going SEO changes.
  8. Make Use Of Good SEO Tools:

    SEO is not something anyone can do alone . Picking the right SEO tools will make your work more easy and rapid. SEO has hundreds of information to process. Trying to do SEO manually on your own is time consuming. To make things easy for yourself, you should use SEO tools. There are many of them on the internet with free and paid options available.
  9. Google Analytics- Analytics allows you to track your website and business performance. Google Analytics is a free tool that helps record where your website traffic came from and how users navigated your website. Analytics can also show you want browser they use, their age range, pages with the highest hits and number of visitor a website receives. - MOZ is one of the strongest tools used to learn SEO in the industry. MOZ comes with a 30-days free trial so anyone can use MOZ even before purchasing a plan. It also comes with a paid plan as well.

    There are other powerful SEO tools in the market like Ahrefs, SEMRUSH, and Google Keyword Planner. Explore the market and pick your choice.

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  10. Practice Search Engine 0ptimization:

    SEO is practical and not theoretical. The fact is, there are many website's on the internet and each of these websites works differently. It is very necessary you practice SEO on your website because every website is unique and therefore, what works for me might not work for another website. Follow popular SEO new website's to read case studies and real life experiences of people in the same niche as you. If you really want to be successful in the SEO industry, you need to practice SEO until you get it right. Having a deep understanding of SEO can improve your business or website's exposure online.
  11. Teaching SEO Is A Great Way To Learn SEO:

    According to experts in the industry, they said teaching what you know will widen your knowledge and this is also true about SEO as well. Learning isn't enough until to considerably write or teach. Demonstrating your SEO expertise will make you stand out. To be a successful SEO expert, you should consider starting a website or perhaps an SEO blog where you'd publish SEO articles for people who are willing to learn. On the long run, you'd discover that sharing knowledge is a good step to learn new things.
  12. Be Patient And Consistent:

    As they say; no good thing comes easy. You have to be patient and watch all the strategies you put in place very closely. If your searching for the quickest way to increase a website's ranking and traffic then you should go for PPC campaigns. The sole purpose of SEO is to drive organic traffic to a business or website 24/7 for years. You should monitor your rankings and traffic regularly and do well to update your contents because search engines also watch out for freshness of content. As an SEO expert, you're likely to encounter great number of difficulties. Sometimes you'll want to give up due to frustration and disappointments. This is normal to happen. Becoming an SEO expert requires a lot of hardwork, endless hours of testing about SEO, and consistency matters though. If you read the stories of successful SEO experts, you'd understand that success doesn't happen over night. To fully become an SEO expert, you need to look at your competitors - people in the same niche as you, study their tactics and learn SEO techniques they used to become successful.
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    Wrapping Up: Learn SEO Online | How To Become An SEO Expert.

    The fact is, SEO and search engines aren't ending now, they are here stay for years to come. Learning this skill will sky-rocket your online presence. If your just starting new, I recommend you take an online course and stream numerous SEO videos on Youtube. Reading, testing, and practicing would be involved if you want to become an SEO expert in the industry. SEO is for anyone that is planning to take their business online. SEO is suitable for social media marketers, ecommerce owners, webmasters, web and app developers as well as entrepreneurs. I hope you enjoyed reading this content? Do well to drop comments below. I wish you a happy learning.

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