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MTN Free Browsing Cheat Codes

Welcome to yet another season of MTN free browsing cheat codes. Today, we’re going to share some fascinating MTN cheat codes you probably didn’t know were existing and most importantly they are tested and also working perfectly. It’s also worth knowing that this blog post has various trending cheats for MTN users in Nigeria. Furthermore, my list of MTN cheat codes is used by many Nigerians – so, you might experience slow connection in some instances. The essence of these cheats is for browsing your favorite websites and powering all your favorite applications. Coming in hot at number one is:

MTN mpulse EC Tunnel VPN Cheat for All Apps

The MTN mpulse EC Tunnel VPN isn’t stable to be precise – the drawback is because of the tweak's nature. Alternatively, you have to reconnect whenever it stops working. However, it’s also important to know that this cheat requires a trigger file before you can use it.

MTN mpulse has been around for quite some years now and it has been awesome – speaking from experience. MTN mpulse is enclosed with some of MTN's cheapest data plans. The fact is, with just ₦50, you would get 350MB, which is valid for one week plus ₦150 which gives you 1.25GB worth of data which is valid for one month – this is almost the best I’ve seen so far and it's worth trying out. During the 2020 Covid19 lockdown, MTN mpulse was so amazing; they offer some of the best MTN free browsing cheat plans. I used this plan to enroll and learn Google's digital marketing certificate course throughout the pandemic.


While MTN mpulse EC Tunnel VPN cheat might be the first thing that comes to mind, you need a trigger file for hypertext transfer protocol (HTTP) custom VPN. So, once you have this file, you’re good to go. All information for setting up the network is down below – please read and follow this blog post carefully so you won’t miss any important steps.
  1. To begin with, you simply need to download and install EC Tunnel VPN PRO on Google's Playstore. OR YOU can download EC Tunnel VPN LITE here on Playstore
  2. Secondly, you need to download the HTTP custom VPN by clicking here Afterward, download the trigger file for the VPN at from, once you have downloaded the trigger file you need to rename the file and change the file extension to .hc extension. Let’s say you’ve downloaded the trigger file, for example. You have to rename the trigger file to something like specksblog.hc - you can see clearly that the file name and extension have been changed.
  3. Having done that, you have to migrate to MTN mpulse plan by dialing *344# and reply with 1. You can also subscribe for mpulse data plan with we would talk about in the paragraphs below.
  4. Immediately you have done all the necessary things as you normally would, it’s time to import the trigger file which you recently changed the file name and extension to .hc - import the trigger file on HTTP custom VPN. Simply click on the plus (+) icon and select config, then locate the trigger file and import it.
  5. Finally to set up the MTN mpulse EC Tunnel VPN Cheat for All Apps, try to connect for around five (5) seconds and disconnect it. You shouldn’t allow it to connect successfully at all – then next up, go to EC Tunnel VPN and pick MTN NG mpulse Bundle Tweak – and that’s it. Just connect and boom! You can start browsing and downloading.

MTN 1GB for ₦200 Data Plan

Browsing and downloading online is becoming very interesting – Network providers in Nigeria have been giving us cheap data plans recently. MTN has designed yet another cheaper data plan for her customers. While the plan offers 1GB for only ₦200 – it’s also not available for everyone. Only a few customers have access to this plan and luckily for me, my SIM card is eligible.

How to Activate MTN 1GB for ₦200 Data Plan

First off, to check if your SIM is eligible or not, make sure you have below ₦100 in your account balance. Once you’ve confirmed that, you can check by dialing *131*100#. If the image below is displayed, automatically you are eligible, just top up your account. This data bundle is valid for only 30days.

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How to Activate MTN 200MB for ₦50 Data Plan

MTN is giving away 200MB worth of data for only ₦50 – this is insane! Unfortunately, this plan is also not available for all MTN users. You can use the data to browse your favorite websites, power all applications, and stream videos online at any time of the day. Plus, this plan is also working on different devices (PC, Android, and more). To join this plan; simply dial *131*25# - valid for two weeks.

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I hope you enjoy MTN free browsing this month and beyond. You can comment down below your thoughts, if it worked for you or if you’re facing any challenges configuring the network – I’ll be glad to respond to your comment. You can help us share this post with friends, families, and even enemies alike across all social media platforms. As you can imagine, this blog post would be very helpful to so many MTN users out there, you can follow us on Instagram and Facebook for more tips and updates.

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