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Make Money With your Phone
I wrote this content because I want to help stay at home moms, fresh graduates, stay at home dad, and people who love to work from home. Have you been wondering how to make money with your phone without spending money?. If this thought has been on your mind for a while, trust me this blog post might just be the solution to ending financial issues. In the meantime, my list of how making money with your phone will contain links to valuable resources.

In this blog post, I will share real case study on how you can start earning money with your smart phone, regardless of where you live-in and what race you are. To be honest with you, making money online in this age requires a small bit of skill before one can be employable. You'll agree with me that taking a side gig is one of the best ways to help you achieve your financial goals.

There are hundreds of online jobs you can do from the comfort of your home; you can make thousands of dollars without having to leave your house. And I'm not talking about illegal online businesses here - there are side hustle jobs online that can make you even richer than person who have a 9-5 job. So, if you're ready, let’s take a look at some of the best strategies people used to make money with your phone without spending money

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10 ways to make money with your phone without spending money

  1. Affiliate Marketing - You might be wondering why affiliate marketing came first on my list; the fact is, you do not need a startup capital to become an affiliate marketer. Affiliate marketing is one of the best ways to make passive income from the comfort of your home. Affiliate marketing doesn't require any technical skill or material before you can start promoting products. To become an affiliate marketer, you only need a smart phone or laptop with an active internet connection.
  2. Affiliate marketing is all about finding products and services that will solve the problem of people around your community or anywhere in the world, and when those people begin to buy those products through you, you will earn a commission. Click the link below to read the complete guide to affiliate marketing - I wrote some strategies that would help you boost your sales plus 10 highest affiliate marketing programs to join as a beginner. There are tons of products and services to promote across all niches.

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  3. Video Editing - Speaking from a real life experience, videos are becoming high in demand and many companies and brands are leveraging it. Do you know that ¼ of the world’s population are on YouTube every month? And YouTube alone has amassed over 2.6 billion active users. Video editing is one of the best ways to make money with your phone without spending money. All you need is a working laptop with your editing software.
  4. Just so you know - I made my first $240 last year from a video editing grant. With my editing skills, I put some clips together and I submitted my video and it was approved. You can start learning how to edit videos today by going to YouTube and SkillShare to learn from experts in the field with years of experience. To begin with, you need to a good laptop (4GB RAM), 64vbits OS is preferable. There are many video editing software’s out there to choose from, do you research and find the one that'll suit your need and that's all.

    You can also make thousands of dollars by applying for video creation and editing challenges online; these grants are always available throughout the year and anyone can participate. If you'd like to get notified about new video editing grants and challenge, you can subscribe to my newsletter to be the first person to get notified via email.

    Even if you do not have a laptop, you can still edit videos with mobile apps. Go to playstore and download KineMaster. This app allows you to some cool stuff like animation, VFX, green screen edits and more.

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  5. Blogging - Blogging has been a way to generate passive income over the past few years. Do you know that internet has over 600 million blogs out of over 2 billion websites in the World Wide Web. The number of blogs keeps increasing every day as people are beginning to see how lucrative it is. If you've been dreaming of how to make money with your phone without spending money, then consider starting a niche blog. is a good example of a blog. As a blogger, your sole purpose is to create relevant, unique, and engaging content for your audience. When your blog begins to rank higher in Google search result pages (SERPs) you can begin to monetize your traffic. You can earn from your blog by placing Google Ads on it. As a blogger, you can also sell your own products like eBooks, or courses to your readers; you can choose not to sell your own product but sell other peoples products ( Affiliate Marketing)

  6. You can start a free blog today, even if you do not have a writing experience. There are Google Chrome Addons Extensions that would help you write better articles for your audience. You can start a free blog today with a platform known as - a website builder by Google (the Mountain View giant). You do not need a coding experience to set up your blog. People across the world have turned blogging into a full-time job. I wrote a step-by-step guide to building a profitable blog, you should consider reading the blog post if blogging is what you have in mind.

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    For you to start earning from your blog, you need to amass a bit of audience who would be interested in what you offer. Proving good content for your audience to read is the only thing that can make you earn from your blog. Keep in mind that people do not buy products from a source they're not familiar with - if people do not know you, nobody is going to buy your products. So, be creative and be unique as possible as you can. If you'd love to learn how to drive traffic to your blog, you can visit the link below to learn more.

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  7. Create An Online Course - Creating an online course is simply like blogging. When you have detailed knowledge of any topic, you can create an online course for the purpose of sharing your knowledge and you'll make money in return. Around mid-June, I enrolled for a Mini Importation class worth $10. The course covers modules like: how one can import goods from countries like China at low cost. The owner of this course had one major goal which is to teach people how to import at low cost and he will make money in the process. The course cost $10, he could sell to 20 people and he'll make $200 or more - that's a win-win situation for him. So, if you have anything valuable to offer, you can create a course for that specific skill then sell to people.
  8. There are many online tools that will help you do just that. is an all in one marketing platform that would help you create an online course for students. You can use this powerful software to share your skills to people all over the world. It also allows you to integrate payment method for your course. It also has an email marketing service that will help you stay connected with your students. And guess what! You can open a free account today to start selling your online course plus you can collect over 2,000 free email addresses from prospects.

    Systeme is one of the software’s that can help you make money with your phone without spending money, it works well across multiple platforms like Android and Desktop. This software also allows you to build responsive websites and landing pages.

  9. Publish Books On Amazon - A lot of people are making thousands of dollars monthly just by writing and publishing books on Amazon. Amazon Kindle Publish (KDP) is a platform on amazon which allows content writers to publish their eBooks for free. You might say that you do not have a writing experience at all but trust me, there are many tools that would help you write better even if you've never written a book before. Let's say you're very good at cooking, you can write a book to teach newly wedded mothers how to satisfy their husbands cravings.
  10. Amazon KDP allows anyone to publish their book without paying anything. Amazon KDP is available in almost all the countries in the world and many people are already leveraging it - I'll follow suit soon. So, you have no excuse - you can turn your knowledge into a cash cow by publishing high-quality books on amazon. The most interesting part of KDP is that there's no limit to how many books you can publish and it doesn't necessarily need to be too long. Just pass valuable and transparent content that will help people solve their problem and you'll make your money.

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  11. Start A YouTube Channel- If you do not know, YouTube is one of the biggest websites in the world that amass billions of monthly active users from all walks of life. To be successful as a YouTuber, you'll need to select a niche and make that your standard. Just like I mentioned earlier, look for something that is engaging and valuable to people. If you're so good at cooking, you can make videos on how to prepare some specific kind of dishes. YouTube is almost the best place to share your skills with people and you do not need to pay to have a channel.
  12. Before you can start earning from your YouTube channel, your channel must reach 1,000 subscribers and 4,000 watch hour. To make your YouTube videos rank higher on the YouTube search engine, you'll need to implement so Search Engine Optimization (SEO) tactics. SEO will make your YouTube videos reach its full potential. People who are searching for your videos can easily find and engage with your videos. Once your channel has reached a milestone of 1,000 subs and 4,000 watch hour, you can start earning from your channel. And also, your channel can be used to promote your affiliate promotes or services to your audience.

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  13. Graphics Design - Graphics is the manipulation of images and text to tell a story. There are many websites online that you can use to create stunning designs for your clients and you do not have to pay. Once you’re confident as a graphic designer, you can open a freelancer account where you can offer services for clients across the world. You can also go to the Google play store to download an app called Pixellab. This app is the biggest in the industry because it features are just too good. If you have a desktop or a laptop in your home, you can install photo editing software’s like Photoshop or Adobe Light Room to help you level up your editing.
  14. Canva is one of the best platforms for graphic designers who want to ease up their work flow - you can download the mobile app on your Android phone to create stunning designs for clients. Graphic design is one of the best ways to make money with your phone without paying a dime. You can get all your editing software and apps for free.

  15. Sell Items You Don't Need - Of course, we have some items we're not using anymore, you can sell those items online in exchange for cash. You simply need to take a clear picture of the item you want to sell and upload it online to on websites like Jiji, Poshmark, or eBay - these websites allow sellers to meet potential buyers. You can upload your used books, video games, craft, or used clothes on these platforms with a price tag and your phone number so that buyers can reach out to you. There are other online market place you can use to sell your used items to people. Do your research to some of the best online marketplace to start selling items you do not need anymore.
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  17. Freelancing - Freelancing is the process of selling your skills online to make money from anywhere in the world. Freelancing is one of the surest ways to earn money from your phone. Whether you're living in the USA, South Africa, or the Netherlands, you only need a smart phone with an active internet connection - if you have a desktop computer or a laptop, it’s an advantage for you. As a freelancer, you can get video editing jobs, graphic design jobs, data entry jobs, and writing jobs too. You only need a skill in other to sell.
  18. We have a lot of people around the world that makes a huge amount of money from offering services online to clients. The best part of freelancing is that, you do not even need to see the person you're working for. There are few quality websites that you can use to offer services for clients online. We have Fiverr,, upwork, Peopleperhour, and so on. You can create a seller account on one of these websites with your smart phone or computer and start offering services.

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  19. Virtual Assistant - There are many companies and organizations searching for people that will help them work. Virtual assistants are needed by top brands that have a lot of jobs to do and they're willing to pay people handsomely for their services. On fascinating thing about virtual assistant is that one do not need an office. You can work remotely with a smart phone or laptop with an active internet connection. Unlike some online jobs that requires an amount threshold before you can get paid; virtual assistant is a bit different. Once you complete your task you'll earn your money instantly.
  20. To Wrap Up: how to make money with your phone

    As the year wraps up, you can start planning how 2023 is going to look like for you. These days, people are so curious about how to make money with their phone without spending more. Thankfully, I have given you some of the best jobs you can do online and offline to help you sort your financial needs. In this era of technology people can literally make thousands of dollars without spending out of their home. If you wish to start earning mobile cash, then you can implement one of the strategies above.

    Paid surveys are also a good way to earn money at home - although in some countries surveys are not always available. Regardless of where you're reading this blog post,you can still make money. To earn passive income online, you need to have a skill - if you have a skill like digital marketing, video editing, or graphic design you're at liberty to succeed. But if you do not have a skill, it's never too late though. I just hope you comment, share, and subscribe to our newsletter if you've learned something new today. If you know any way one can make money with his or her smart phone, you can include them in them the comment below. Have a fruitful year ahead.

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