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How good is GetResponse?
Something is significantly becoming clear in Nigeria. Here in my country, people have glued their eyes on eCommerce. Hundreds of people have turned their WhatsApp into a small marketing platform - and guess what! They're succeeding already.

The funny part of it all is that I enrolled for a WhatsApp marketing class worth $10 and my experience is something to talk about. The possibilities of e-commerce seem unending. Today we're going to learn about the latest new feature that GetResponse has integrated into their service and we hope to get more in later times.

If you haven't heard of GetResponse eCommerce Marketing, then please sit and relax on your couch with a glass of juice because I'm going to reveal to you the unknown truth about the latest new feature on GetResponse. In fact, there's no catch anymore. Of course we all want to make more sales, but the question is:

What are you doing to persuade your audience to buy from you?
What e-commerce platform are you using and are getting the value for the money you traded?

Someone that get's into GetResponse dashboard for the first time would think the platform is for people that have technical skills or someone who has been doing email marketing for many years. Do not be overwhelmed by the interface - GetResponse is one of the simplest email marketing service in the world and you're about to learn more about this service that was founded way back as far as 1997. Speaking realistically, I left my account for some weeks after signing up for a GetResponse affiliate program; I couldn't find my way.

GetResponse is one of the most powerful email marketing service used by people from all walks of life, yet the keep evolving each day by bringing new features that will make their potential customers happy. Recently, GetResponse introduced a new feature called GetResponse Ecommerce. People all over the world use GetResponse for building stunning landing pages, build subscribers list, and to send unlimited email to their prospective subscribers.

For the sake of simplicity, I'd like to briefly explain what e-commerce is and why people are leveraging it already.

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What is ecommerce?

In simple terms, ecommerce is the process of purchasing and selling products, or services over the internet. The benefit of ecommerce is that one doesn't need to go physically to the retail store, he can buy products from the comfort of hid home plus he can ship products from anywhere in the world. So, basically you're not limited to stores in your location and you'll spend less time shopping.

GetResponse will make ecommerce an attractive alternative for you with their built in one-click integration, advanced segmentation tool, web push notification, and more exciting features. So, let's get into the nitty-gritty of thing.

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GetResponse eCommerce Marketing Features

  1. One-Click Integration - Connecting your ecommerce store to GetResponse has never been so easy. It takes only one-click of a button to integrate GetResponse with some of the leading eCommerce platforms like Shopify, Prestashop, Woocommerce, and Magento (no coding experience is required) - Even my 75-year-old grandmother can do this.
  2. Promo Codes - GetResponse ecommerce platform is so immense. One can easy synchronize promo codes ecommerce platforms with GetResonse. Promo codes are great for cart abandonment, seasonal sales as well as returning visitors. You can easily drag-and-drop promo codes into automation messages, autoresponders, or newsletters. Promo codes can seamlessly boost your sales online.
  3. Quick Transactional Emails - The transactional email service feature allows you to send order confirmation messages, set reminders, and issuing receipt under one roof. It is also worth knowing that this feature enables you to send emails to customers who abandoned their carts - this is a great way to win back unfinished orders. One can also see comprehensive reports of how sent emails are doing over time, you can track open rate, click through rates, and bounce rates.
  4. Advanced Segmentation - GetResponse advanced segmentation feature enables you to segment your audience in term of order history, customer purchases and behavior on site. Advanced segmentation will give you more insights into a specific groups of customers and creating precisely-targeted campaigns would be easier because we'll have a clue of who our potential customers are; thus our marketing campaign will convert positively.
  5. Web Push Notification - GetResponse popup feature enables you to design messages that will grab your visitors attention when they land on your web page. Just so you know - push notification, when optimized, can significantly increase your website’s conversion and sales. GetResponse grants you the opportunity to access a code-free, drag-and-drop interface for users to customize popups, how and when they should display to engage your visitors
  6. Drag-and-Drop Editor - GetResponse has the most user-friendly experience when it comes to customizing your websites and landing pages. Their drag-and-drop editor works exactly like Elementor (a drag-and-drop page builder for WordPress). With GetResponse, you can build a beautiful websites and landing pages with no coding experience.
  7. Product Recommendation - This is the feature that got me wowed in the first instance. GetResponse ecommerce marketing has a sophisticated engine that recommend products to customers based on historical behavior and purchases. The product recommendation engine studies customers preferences and potential needs. This engine can populate the section within an email with products relevant to all recipient on the list.
  8. SMS Marketing Automation - SMS marketing automation is the most effective way of communicating with your audience . SMS marketing allows you to send bulk SMS campaigns to your audience when their most likely to engage with it plus you can make text message standard by personalizing recipient name - this tactics would help to increase SMS open and click through rates. You can also track and analyze how many messages were sent and delivered to recipients.
  9. Prebuilt Automation Templates - Prebuilt automation templates allows you to recommend products, welcome new contacts in your list, and to recover lost sales.
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Benefit of GetResponse eCommerce Marketing

  1. Businesses across the world use email marketing services to communicate with their customers. The main benefits of GetResponse are its email marketing, automation marketing, and its dashboard. GetResponse has just added an eCommerce system that can easily be integrated with famous eCommerce platforms like Shopify with no hassle. The impact of buying and selling can be maximized, thanks to GetResonse eCommerce marketing feature. GetResponse is easy to use, they have a good customer support, and you get the value for the money you're spending.
  2. GetResponse has email creator that is user-friendly; it also enables users to create emails that are optimized for different devices, enabling newbies to create campaigns to reach as many people as possible.
  3. GetResponse webinars are great ways to stay connected with your audience by sharing insights into tools and strategies for better campaign implementation. You can seamlessly convert leads to buying customers - GetResponse provides tons of ways for users to grow their email list, conversion rates, and more sales is guaranteed by their accurate targeting system.
  4. With GetResponse, you have access to hundreds of mobile friendly templates which are professionally designed to help you get things running as quickly as possible.
  5. With GetResponse, users can create campaigns from scratch or hundreds of already designed templates to ease up their work flow. Users can use their HTML tool to generate their own code. GetResponse is beneficial to businesses in all ramification; it also supports multiple devices like IOS, Desktop, and Android.
  6. GetResponse e-commerce marketing platform is worth checking out if you want to take your eCommerce business to another level. GetResponse is making over 350,000 customers happy by proving solutions to their problems. GetResponse e-commerce marketing will help you to increase your revenue, improve the customer’s experience, and sell more products and services easily online with any hassle.
    1. GetResponse Pricing: how much does GetResponse cost?

      Now might be a really good time for you to start making more sales online. GetResponse doesn't require any setup fee. GetResponse isn't just an email marketing service - they have their customers in mind. They keep evolving almost every day - this is greatness on a different level. GetResponse pricing starts at $13.58/month for 1,000 subscribers. There is also a free plan which offers almost the same feature as the email marketing plan. With the free plan; you can collect up to 500 email addresses, setup 1 landing page/website, and send unlimited newsletter. You can start your free plan now, no credit card is required plus you can cancel your subscription at any time.

      Below, we have given a breakdown of GetResponse's plans and pricing:

      FREE ($0.00/month)
      Up to 500 contacts
      Unlimited Newsletters
      1 Landing page
      Connect your domain
      Website Builder
      Signup forms and popups

      EMAIL MARKETING ($19/month)
      Up to 1,000 contacts
      Unlimited Landing pages
      Unlimited Website Builder
      Basic segmentation
      Integration and API
      Email scheduling

      MARKETING AUTOMATION ($59/month)
      Up to 1,000 contacts
      Event-based automation
      Marketing automation
      Advanced segmentation
      Contact scoring
      Sales funnels

      ECOMMERCE MARKETING ($119/month)
      Up to 1,000 contacts
      Quick transactional emails
      Promo codes
      Ecommerce integration
      Web push notifications
      Product recommendation
      Abandoned cart recovery

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