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How to Create a Free Landing Page for Affiliate Marketing
Are you aware that more than 60% of the world's population is online? The emergence of technology and the internet has turned the world into a digital era with millions of opportunities worldwide. Many businesses are going online because people spend most of their day searching for solutions to their problems.

In this blog post, I'm going to reveal exactly how to create a free landing page for affiliate marketing with a platform called in minutes. I'm going to show you a free-software online you can use to build high-converting landing pages even if you're not technical and even if you don't have any money to invest.

Just so you know - chances are; you may know that most people do not buy a product straight away online, they take time, they research the product, and they look for multiple exposures before making a purchase.

The sole purpose of creating a landing page is to collect people's email addresses so you can follow up with them to drastically increase your sales. For the sake of beginners who are reading this content; I would simply explain what a landing page is and how it can be beneficial to your online business.

A landing page is often referred to as a squeeze page. It is a stand-alone or one-page website that someone "lands" on after he clicks through a digital location like emails or advert. A landing page plays an important role in your affiliate marketing journey. When a person lands on your squeeze page; he's expected to take an action, such as purchasing your product, services, or subscribing to your email list. The blog post would teach you a step-by-step guide to collecting emails from people that are interested in the services or products you offer.

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A landing page is a modern way of encouraging people to opt-in their email addresses during a purchase process. You might be wondering why we're interested in collecting emails from people. Whether you have an e-commerce business, customer support service, or a blog. Getting in touch with your potential customers in a fancy way is important to your business’s With many email marketing software out there, communication has been a lot easier.

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We collect emails because we want to keep in touch with our potential customers, share valuable resources with them e.g. eBooks, and give them useful insights into our products and services.

There was a time when people thought email marketing would become obsolete. Thankfully, that old thought is expiring. We're beginning to understand why email marketing is the oldest marketing strategy for small businesses and it still works today! If email marketing isn't in your online marketing strategy; boy you're far from reaching the level of your competitors. You can use emails to tell your customers about your newly published course on Amazon or Skillshare. Emails are a great way to bring back visitors to your website. In fact, possibilities are endless. Now that you have a clear idea of what a landing page is, Let's me show you how to create a free landing page for affiliate marketing in minutes without breaking the bank.

Our landing page would be responsive - we are going to use our landing page to drive traffic to our affiliate product page. Before our prospect leaves our product page, they would drop their email address. You can start collecting emails now, it's never too late. Our landing page would have a "Thank You Page" - this page is used to appreciate our visitors for the action they took.

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Where Can I Make A Free Landing Page?

To create our free responsive landing page, we're going to use a free software known as systeme. If you've been following specks; you'll notice I usually emphasize this software. systeme is one of the fastest growing marketing platform in the world and it has amassed over 300,000+ users across the globe. I would recommend if you're looking to run your online business in one space. This tool has sophisticated features like:
  1. Website Builder - You can build stunning websites with hundreds of beautiful templates to choose from.
  2. Funnel Builder - You can build high converting sales funnel; that's what I'm about to teach you now.
  3. Affiliate Program - This one is the most powerful feature this software has; you can build your own affiliate marketing program.
  4. Email Marketing - Just as you read earlier, email marketing is a great way to communicate with your audience. First of all, I have tried almost all email marketing software, is easy and much better than it's competitors. You can collect over 2000 email addresses in your free plan - this is completely mind-blowing.
  5. Systeme provides an interface to help you sell your online course. It allows you to integrate your course access with payment options. Also, their drip feature enables you to give timed access to your courses. The most interesting thing about this feature is that it allows you to manage all your students in one space. If you're still doubting whether this software is genuine, then you're far from reaching the levels of your competitors.
This software has gained the interest of thousands of entrepreneurs. Some would say clearly that systeme is superior to both Clickfunnel and Builderall. There are other amazing things that you can achieve with this software. To begin with, click here to create your free account to gain access to the world of endless possibilities.

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How to Create a Free Landing Page for Affiliate Marketing (step-by-step)

  1. Click here to create your free account. When you've landed on the home page, put the email address you wish to use. It will be required to access your account - click "Get My FREE Account". Once that is done; log in to your email account to confirm your account activation. Moving forward to the next page, select your password and save - congratulations, you have successfully created your free account.
  2. To create our free landing page, click the Menu tab at the top center of your dashboard and select "Funnel". Enable the Active tag also and click the "create" button to build your stunning landing page for free.
  3. Keep in mind that we're creating a landing page that would help us collect email addresses from prospective subscribers. So, select "Build an audience". You can select your preferred currency. Now, pay close attention to the "name field". In other to achieve the maximum result you dreamt of, you'll need to find a niche. I have talked about how to select a niche in my step-by-step guide to start a free blog. You should read that blog post because it has a lot of value to offer. Once you already have a clear insight into what you want to offer to your audience, you can proceed to create your landing page.
  4. For instance, let's say I'm in the "Health Niche" and I simply want to promote a medication that can help people lose belly fat quickly. Your "name field" should clearly define the product you're promoting. Click "create" to start building your affiliate marketing landing page.

  5. The next page might look overwhelming but you'll fix things up in a couple of minutes. Scroll down a bit and you'll have a collection of beautiful responsive templates, choose the template that suits your need.
  6. "A template is an already made design. The advantage of a template is that one doesn't have to start customizing his landing page from scratch. Also, you do not need any coding experience to do this - my 75-year-old grandmother can even do this". You can preview templates before making a choice; once you've found a template that suits your need, "select" it, input a name for your squeeze page (the name field should bare the name of the product your promoting) - "save".

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  7. Now we need to start editing our squeeze page so that our audience would know what's in for them when they land on our squeeze page. To edit your squeeze page; click on the "pencil icon". The image below shows how I edited my own squeeze page. If you're using a mobile device to create your free landing page for affiliate marketing, you can make things easier for yourself. Simply click the 3 column dots at the top right corner of your Google Chrome, then scroll down to enable "Desktop Site" - you'll edit your page like you were using a desktop or PC. Once you're satisfied with your designs, go ahead and "save changes".
  8. Back to your dashboard; it's time to create a "Thank You Page". The Thank You page is the next page our visitors will be redirected to after filling in their names and email, or after taking an action on our squeeze page. The 'Thank You" also has a huge collection of beautiful stunning templates to choose from. Select the template you like, and once selected; click on the "pencil icon" to start editing the page. It is worth knowing that the "Thank You" page is the last page our visitors would see after their purchase journey. After editing the Thank You page to your liking - we want to take the visitor to our affiliate, service, or product page.
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  10. Copy the link of any affiliate product your promoting - maybe from Clickbank, Amazon, JVzoo, or anywhere then paste the link in the URL tab. Make sure to check the "Action When Button Clicked" menu; set it to "Open URL". You should paste your affiliate link in the URL tab to help people reduce belly fat. You can tweak some settings and also drag and drop elements to add more functionalities to your squeeze page. Once you're satisfied with the result, "save changes" - congratulations you have learned how to create a free landing page for affiliate marketing.
  11. will generate a link path to your landing. It would look like this : Your Gmail address - - alphanumeric ; this is the URL structure to access our landing page. You can also add your own custom domain name like .com, perhaps you can get a free domain name at Freenom.
Take a close look at the image below, the squeeze page is before the thank you page. So, yours should come in that order. You can change position by simply dragging and dropping up and down. Your squeeze page should be first then followed by your thank you page. If the thank you page is above the squeeze page, visitors won't be able to submit their emails.

To Wrap Up: how to create a free landing page for affiliate marketing

I believe strongly that you've learned something new today. I have successfully thought you how to build a sales funnel - sales funnel is one aspect of affiliate marketing that shouldn't be ignored. Take advantage of this opportunity and collect prospective subscriber’s email addresses . Keep your landing page very simple as we don't want it to be too clumsy. If this is your first time here, kindly share this blog post on social media platforms and comment below with your thoughts about systeme. Also, do well to subscribe to our newsletters to receive the latest SEO news and offers and be the first to know when we release new content on specksblog. As always, stay focused, be patient, and never give up on what you do even if things aren't working out for you. See you in our next post.

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