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I am happy to share this awesome list of free online marketing courses with certificate to level up your skills or pursue that dream job. The online marketing courses on my list are 100%, free so be sure to make the most of them. I have curated a list of online marketing courses for you just in case you're wondering how you can learn online for free. It is worth knowing that some of the courses on my list offer a free marketing certification upon completion. I have a list of curated, reviewed, and hand-picked online courses to sky-rocket your digital marketing skill. In this list, you'll find some of the best online marketing courses like Search Engine Optimization (SEO), social media marketing, affiliate marketing, Google analytics courses, and email marketing course that will give you more insights into your online business.

Is a Free Marketing Certificate Worth It?

The world has become a more open place with millions of opportunities for everyone no matter their race. That being said, earning an online marketing certification only proves that one has attained the right knowledge needed to work in any particular field. Getting certified online can greatly increase your chances of getting hired when you apply for a job role. You can easily earn an online marketing certificate without having to leave your home. Some of these courses are free to learn with flexibility and convenience - you can learn anything whenever you want. Getting certified online will make your resume stand out from the rest. Your digital certificates can be uploaded to platforms like LinkedIn; to increase your career opportunities - who knows what other opportunities you will find.

So, I just hope have been able to impact my knowledge on you. Let's take a look at some of the best online certification courses in marketing, and I hope you'd find one to resonate with.

10 Free Online Marketing Courses With Certificate [Updated]

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  1. ReliableSoft Free SEO Course for Beginners -

    You might be wondering why ReliableSoft SEO course came first on my list; but trust me, Alex, Chris is a very prestigious and experienced expert who has been doing digital marketing for over 15 years now. He is the founder of ReliableSoft academy and over the last couple of years his agency has trained thousands of students across the globe -he is also a passionate content creator. Before you have access to the ReliableSoft free SEO course for a beginner, you must subscribe to his newsletter first. This course is suitable for beginners who are looking to learn the basis of Search Engine Optimization.
  2. The free SEO course for beginners would cover modules like technical SEO, on-page SEO, and off-page SEO. Once you have successfully completed the free course, you can enroll in the full SEO course to obtain an accredited digital marketing certificate.

  3. Google Analytics Course -

    Google, the Mountain View giant also offer some free online marketing courses with certificate to people from all walks of life. Just a few days ago, I enrolled in the Google Analytics course because I know that this skill is high in demand, and not only that, the Google Analytics course is free and it awards a free certificate to you once you pass your final exam. Google Analytics is the right course for you if you want to track your website performance over time. Analytics is a very powerful tool that can help us make an informed decision for all our marketing campaigns without any hassle.
  4. Google Analytics is a tool that can give you informed insight into the purchase funnel. If you want to know how users found a business online, how they interacted with the business, and how they become buying customers then this is the perfect course for you. Keep in mind that your certificate is only valid for 12 months. So, after the 12 months have elapsed, you'll need to take another exam to get the updated certificate. The learning itself is fun and time-phased. You can learn with any device with an active internet connection. You will be taught by experts in Google. The Google Analytics certification course has only four modules and you'll be given a test at the end of each module.

  5. Udemy Affiliate Marketing Course for Beginners -

    If you want to learn affiliate marketing in full you can check out this free Udemy affiliate marketing course for beginners . I have been writing some compelling blog posts about affiliate marketing for a while now and my blog post has helped a lot of people. Affiliate marketing is one of the best ways to make money from the comfort of your home - all you simply need is a mobile device or laptop with an active internet connection. An affiliate marketer would be responsible for writing product descriptions that would compel people to take action. You will only be selling other people’s products and you'll get a commission anytime you make a sale. Udemy is offering a free 2 hours 18 minutes course for intending affiliate marketers. Before you can enroll in the free Udemy affiliate marketing course for beginners, you'll first have to create a free Udemy account.
  6. By the end of the class, you will learn how to do affiliate marketing, and you'll also have a good understanding of picking the right niche for your affiliate marketing plus which affiliate program to join. Not only that, you will also be taught how to create a beautiful website for affiliate marketing. This is one of the best online marketing courses I've seen so far and I encourage every intending affiliate marketer to take advantage of this golden opportunity.

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  7. Wishpond Email Marketing for Beginners -

    If you are new to the email marketing scene, believe me, this course is the resource that would give you exposure to email marketing as a complete beginner.Wishpond email marketing course will give you exposure to creating an email marketing funnel, the building of contacts, and how to measure testing of A/B campaigns. Email marketing is one of the surest ways for businesses to communicate with their potential customers. To start learning the free email marketing course at Wishpond, you first need to create an account. This course has seven modules with videos to walk you through.
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  9. Google Digital Marketing Certification -

    Google Digital Garage is offering one of the best free online marketing courses with a certificate to applicants that successfully complete the course. This course includes 26 modules which overs PPC marketing, SEO, affiliate marketing, social media marketing, Search Engine Marketing, and email marketing. The Google Digital Marketing Fundamental certificate course is very interactive with videos and quiz. In May 2020, I earned my own certificate. You'll need to pass the test in each module before you can go any further. Once you have completed all the 26 modules, you can now take the final examination, which you must score at least 80% before you can get certified.
  10. Any student that doesn't score up to 80% would have to take the exam again. You will learn from an expert with over 15 years of experience; the fundamentals of the Google Digital Marketing certification course have a lot of valuable resources that would help you in your online marketing journey.

  11. Facebook Digital Marketing Associate Course -

    Facebook online training course is also one of the most valued free online marketing courses with certificate. This prestigious digital marketing course is offered by Facebook Blueprint. Before you can get the Facebook Digital Marketing Associate Certificate, you'll first need to sit for the Facebook Associate course which will prepare you for the 100-101 FB examination. This course covers topics like how to create a Facebook page for your business, how to grow and get more likes on Facebook as well as on Integral, how to design a Facebook ads campaign that would convert really high, and many related topics to execute successful campaigns on Facebook. Enrolling in the Facebook Digital Marketing course is the first to take if you want to become a successful Facebook Ads expert in no time.
  12. The good news is that the course is completely free, you only need a Facebook account before you can enroll in the free course, but sitting for the examination will cost ($150), upon completion of the examination, you will get certified.

  13. Google Ads Search Certification -

    PPC marketing and Google Ads is one important channel of online marketing. Getting certified by Google Ads would not only prepare you for the future, but it's an essential skill that you must have if you decide to follow a career in digital marketing. This course is provided by Google Skillshop and they will teach you everything you need to know about Google Search Ads and it's also awarding certificate to students.
  14. To sit for the Google Search certification examination, you'll need to have knowledge of optimizing Google search campaigns, design, and setup. This course is a free course and it's very friendly for beginners. You need to have a free Google Skillshop account before you can access this course.

  15. WordStream PPC Marketing -

    WordStream is one off the leading online PPC advertising agency that has been around since 2007. WordStream offers varieties services ranging from campaign management and DIY software to helping all kinds of businesses manage their PPC campaigns in real-time. The WordStream PPC marketing academy will give you a complete insight into the basics and advanced techniques related to social media and search engines like Google, Bing, and Yandex. The WordStream academy training is divided into six modules which include: advanced PPC strategies, social media, Google Ads, and Facebook Ads. Just so you know - no registration is required to access the content of the course.
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  17. MOZ Academy: One-Hour Guide to SEO -

    If you're searching for free online marketing courses with certificate, then be sure to check the MOZ SEO guide. MOZ is one of the leading online marketing agencies on the planet. Not only does MOZ offer a One-Hour guide to SEO, but also provides free resources like keyword research tools. I have been using this for 6 months now and it's something every internet marketer can resonate with.
  18. Rand Fishkin is the founder of MOZ and he's teaching intending online marketers how to do SEO. The total duration of the course is one hour; within the time space, you'll learn the Search Engine Optimization fundamentals. The course contains six videos that will teach you how to implement important SEO strategies into your marketing campaign. You will also learn the concept of keyword research, link building, on-page SEO, and technical SEO. The courses do not require any prior skill or experience. You can access the one-hour guide to SEO here, no registration is required.

  19. Canva Social Media Mastery for Beginners -

    Canva design school is offering a free social media mastery course. According to the affiliate marketing course I enrolled in a while back, the course provider mentioned some notable mistakes newbies make while starting out newly in affiliate marketing. He stated that "as a beginner, do not focus on too many social media platforms to promote your brand, product, or services because we won't have time to concentrate on them - and to that, I say YES. Canva social media academy will help you understand how various social media platform works and how to select which channel will work best for you.

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Conclusion: 10 Free Online Marketing Courses with Certificate

To wrap things up, getting certified can help you land your dream job. You can change the world with a few clicks on your phone. Make your resume stand out from the crowd by showcasing your online marketing certificate(s). Here's a real-life story.

Tobi Ashinde is the founder of the Digital Marketing Skill Institute in Nigeria. Thankfully, he has managed to train hundreds of intending digital marketers, and today some of his students procured jobs in the United States and in the United Kingdom while in Nigeria. They have successfully relocated and they’re all doing fine in their respective fields. If you want to wake up to credit alerts every single week, consider enrolling in one or two online marketing courses and earn a free certificate upon completion.

People who want to survive in the business world must have a smart way to dominate the market. I was browsing through Google's Computer Science Apprenticeship page and I could see tons of Apprenticeships with regard to software engineering and mobile app development. Google gave a list of skills that applicants must have and surprisingly, Google Ads was on the list. Now you have the opportunity to learn a skill that would change your life forever at no cost. If you like this blog post already, consider subscribing to our newsletter to receive the latest updates around SEO, free marketing tools, and grants for content creators. Also, sharing is caring - kindly share this post; have a fruitful week ahead.

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