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Are you a beginner when it comes to affiliate marketing? Have you been looking for a sure way to make passive income online? If you are, then you can't afford to miss this week's blog post. Today we're basically not talking about how to start affiliate marketing business - perhaps which would still be published at some point on this blog. Before I go into the nitty-gritty of the 10 highest paying affiliate program, firstly, you should have in mind that affiliate marketing requires extra effort for you to become successful; you have to do everything you possibly could if you want to make it BIG with affiliate marketing. Everything from how to find the right product that would solve your audience problem, to the best promotion technique to utilize when you're starting out totally depends on how consistent you are.

One fascinating fact about affiliate marketing is that your affiliate links never stops working; if you choose not to work for even 6 months. Just so you know - If you stop working for about 2 years, you probably won't make any sale. You have to keep updating, promoting, and engaging your content and your audience . We're working on a new content (how does affiliate marketing work?) You can be the first to receive notification once we publish that post here for your audience. In the blueprint; I'll talk about everything you need to get started in affilite marketing - you'll probably need to subscribe to our newsletter so you'd get notified via email. I promise to give my best self - trust me, it would be packed to the brim with actionable Intel. I will provide a step-by-step guide that will walk you through on how exactly affiliate marketing business is done. That being said; let's dive into the 10 highest paying affiliate programs you can join right away to start promoting products.

10 highest paying affiliate programs

I am absolutely going to keep this short and straight to the point. The good news is you don't have to pay any fee before you can start promoting these products and services I mentioned below. Affiliate marketing is an opportunity for people to make a living from. You have to understand the concept of affiliate marketing in other to be outstanding - understanding the concept of affiliate marketing will enable you hit and surpass whatever goal you might have with digital marketing. The first affiliate marketing websites I'd mention is "interserver affiliate."
  1. Interserver Affiliate

  2. Interserver is an American web hosting company that has taking the world by storm. First off, they offer some of the cheapest web hosting service in the industry. If you're very observant; you'd notice they run Google, Facebook, and Instagram Ads for web hosting. They will offer you $1 for 3Months. Their affiliate area has simple navigation, tools you need to leverage your marketing journey, and it has an easy built-in system that would help you track your performance. Interserver has gone way beyond banners; although they have banners you can choose from - you can place them directly on your website or blog as you normally would.

    For every new customer that you send to them through your affiliate link you'll earn $100. Simply tell your friends, family, website visitors, and social media followers about Interserver web hosting and you get paid. N.B: They have paid over $500,000 to their affiliates.

    (Join Interserver Affiliate Here)
  3. Envato Affiliate

  4. Enavto Elements; this platform is used by many individuals from all walks of life. Envato market is one of the largest creative market place to buy all kinds of WordPress Themes and plugins, videos templates and editing software's like Abobe after effects and Adobe Premiere Pro. Envato is no doubt one of the highest paying affiliate program to join today. The Envato library is curated and it suits people who are into graphics, video marketing, and web development. No matter the discipline; whether photoshop add-ons and actions. Envato Elements provides developers with everything they'll need to make outstanding projects for clients. As an Envato affiliate, you'll 30% commission on any first purchase you refer through your unique affiliate link.

    Envato also pay their affiliate up to $60 for every eligible monthly subscriber. There are more to read about Envato - high curated market place for digital marketers. You can start promoting Envato products if you're keen to succeed in the affiliate business.

    (Join Envato Affiliate Here)

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  5. BlueHost Affiliate

  6. Coming in hot at number 3 is BlueHost Affiliate. Just so you know - BlueHost is one of the fastest growing web hosting service on the internet. BlueHost is recommended by WordPress; one of the leading and busiest content management system (CMS) in the world. That being said; bluehost affiliate program will help you maximize your earning s to a whole new level. Bluehost will pay you $65 for every qualified sign up/referral. Bluehost has a unique handful custom tracking system embedded into their platform - this would also make sure you get credit.
  7. Adcreative Affiliates

  8. So, I'm sure you've probably not heard about Adcreative. is an artificial intelligent (AI) tool that helps people with running Google Ads, alongside with Facebook and Instagram Ads. The fact is; thousands of people spend money on paid ads every single month. Their sole purpose is to grow their business and to reach more potential customers. When you login to your Facebook or Instagram account, you'll definitely see ads. Ads are titiled as Sponsored. has an affiliate program that pays up to $7457 per month to affilates that brings 10 paid sign-ups - that's really huge. is clearly one of the biggest highest paying affiliate program. Adcreative was designed to help digital marketers that spend money running ads on social media like Facebook and Google search engine. Still yet they promised 14x better conversion rate and also they will give you free $500 Google credits to their new users - that is so amazing; and you might not find this anywhere else. Simply share your affiliate link with your visitors so they could sign up - If any of the unique signup turns into a paid users, you'll earn 25% commission.
  9. SemRush Affiliates

  10. SemRush is an SEO tool designed for digital marketers to captivate their audience online. Semrush is one of the best Search Engine Optimization tool that would help you grow your business faster. Semrush keyword research tool is one of the best in the industry. Semrush was launched in 2008 and has grown drasically since it's inception. You can earn passive income online by promoting this all-in-one SEO tool.

    Semrush will pay you $200 for every new subscription sale.

    Semrush will pay affiliates $10 for every new trial and $0.01 for each new unique sign-up.

    Semrush affiliate program has been launched on impact radius - Impact radius is one of the leading affiliate marketing platform which has some of the best features like enhanced reporting capability as well as sales tracking.
  11. Gmass Affiliates

  12. Gmass is an email marketing software that you simply install inside your Gmail account. Gmass was developed by Ajay Goel - he is responsible for developing email sending software's for over 20 years. Gmass payout system is one of the best in the industry - unlike most affiliate programs. After you have registered as a Gmass affiliate; you can work with Gmass to determine what payment option would work best for you. They pay their affiliates with PayPal, Amazon gift card, and other online payment services that are available. With Gmass affiliate; you will earn; 50 percent for any new individual plan subscription. There's more to gain from Gmass.
  13. Canva Affiliates

  14. I need not tell you that you can make money with Canva affiliate program. Canva is one of the biggest graphics design platform in the world. When you join the Canva affiliate program, you'll be granted access to all the tools you require to promote your Canva affiliate link. When any referal/visitor to your site clicks on Canva afiliate link and signs up to Canva pro, you will earn up to $36

  16. is one of the best marketing platform i've ever seen in my entire life. has 10 different tools that would help you enhance your marketing journey. With systeme, you can achieve all your marketing goals in just one single platform. allows you to do the following:
    1. You can build and sell your online course with student management system.
    2. You can simply nsell your own product or you come a dropshipper.
    3. has a blogging platform that enables you to create stunning blogs to publish high-convertng content.
    4. You can run evergreen webinars to levitate your online sales and audience alike.
    5. You can setup a website in less than 10 minutes
    6. You can create your own affiliate program, and you can also automate affiliate marketing payouts for your audience.
    7. You can build a functional sales funnel with customized templates.
    8. You can do your email marketing, send unlimited emails to 2 thousand subscribers on your free plan and youn can create different email campaigns
    9. They have paid over $2,000,000 in commission to their affiliates over the years. Everytime your audience uses your unique affiliate link to purchase a subscription or course you'll simply earn 40% lifetime commission. is trusted by over 10,000 users worldwide. No doubt; is one of the highest paying affiliate program in the industry.
  17. A2 Hosting Affiliates

  18. We've talked about web hosting company in some of our previous post and I believe web hosting isn't foreign to you. A web hosting company helps to store all your website contents (images, audio, video etc) on their server; so, when required it will be easily accessible. A2 hosting is also one of the leading web hosting provider. With their affiliate program, you'll earn up to $125 per new customer and $5 second tier commissions.

    A second tier affiliate system is also adopted by When someone clicks on your unique A2 hosting affiliate link and registers as an affiliate - that person is placed on your second tier. So, each time someone purchase a paid plan through your second tier affiliate link, you get $5. The idea is somehow simple.

  19. GetResponse Affiliates

  20. If you are already in the email marketing ecosystem then you should have heard of Getresponse by now. An email marketing service that allows you to do a whole lot of unthinkable things. With Getresponse free email marketing plan, you can save up to 500 contacts. Getresponse is one the best in the industry and i'm currently using their service on this blog. Their affiliate program has a massive advantage . You will earn 33% commission every month and you will earn $100 per sale when you signup for their bounty affiliate program.

    Wrapping up: the 10 highest paying affiliate programs

    If you've read this blog post to this point, it's clear that you're so much interested in my content. That being said; my list are of the highest paying affiliate programs that I have personally reviewed and they are legit. If you are looking to make extra money online for yourself then you should consider starting affiliate marketing. Just so you know; I have included specks blog affiliate links in this content so kindly signup and purchase paid plans through those links. This is the best support you can give me. I'd love to hear from you, please drop your thoughts in the comment box. And if you feel you really gained something by reading this blog post, you can signup to our newsletter so you'll be updated when new content is published on this blog. Drop your email and name in the form below and signup to start receiving our weekly updates; also share this content is it's valuable to you. This are the 10 best highest payng affiliate programs in the industry. Have a fruitful week ahead.

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