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So, are you searching for digital skills that can make you so much money? Why don't you learn to build mobile apps? Mobile app development is really in high demand and many companies are willing to pay you thousands of dollars to put your idea or theirs into a mobile app. The entire world is inevitably evolving at lightning speed. Statista report recorded that mobile apps are generating over 188.9 billion USD in revenues across the app stores and also in-app adverts in 2020. Users are looking for more simplicity, faster, and more convenient means of solving their daily problems. This obviously shows that there's a huge opportunistic plunge for startups, investors, and entrepreneurs.

Having done a series of researches, I have piled up a list of the best Android Dev courses anyone can enroll in without paying anything. These courses will help you gain the knowledge and skills you'll need to build any type of application that comes to mind. If you're looking to go into mobile development, you can definitely enroll in any of the courses below; they have all the legit tools and resources that can help to develop mobile apps to serve the mass. According to research, over 86.5 million people in the United States are using an on-demand service; Uber-like mobile apps for traveling. Now, after reviewing these insane figures, we may conclude that no one want's to be left behind.

There are other insane on-demand apps that are making waves in the industry. An app like Amazon can bring you so much exposure. Over the past few years, we've seen a similar eCommerce app development, statista shows that over 42% of customers love shopping online - no one has the time and energy to stand in a long queue. Everything can be done from the comfort of your home and this keeps the momentum going because more people continue to shop online.

Best Android Dev Courses

  1. Android Basics in Kotlin

  2. Kotlin was developed by JetBrains over 11 years ago. This modern open-source programming language was designed to work reliably with Java. Kotlin is a general-purpose programming language that is said to be type inference. It's worth knowing that over 70% of the 800 most popular Android applications are built with Kotlin. Kotlin isn't only used to create mobile apps, but it is gradually making its way into other sectors and the possibilities seem unending. One big advantage of using Kotlin to build mobile apps is that your apps have fewer chances of crashing. Kotlin is more concise than Java. Coding can take a whole lot of time and effort; some beginners, even find some of the terms overwhelming and that's why people are running towards no-code applications. Kotlin enables you to build a series of Android apps. You can enroll in the Adroid Basics in Kotlin free course offered by Google.

  3. Android Developer Fundamentals

  4. The Android Developer Fundamental teaches you how to build a variety of mobile apps using Java. Java is undoubtedly one of the powerful object-oriented programming languages. Java works on over 95% of enterprise desktops. Being a Java developer has so many significant advantages and opportunities. Java is not complex, one good advantage of Java is that it can easily be moved from one system to another. Java can run on multiple platforms once written. If you're convinced already, you can start your free Android fundamental course at Google without spending a dime. Java programming enables you to build game consoles, cell phones, ATM machines, applications on laptops, and other devices.

  5. Google Play Store Listing: Certificate

  6. Google Play Store listing isn't a mobile application development course, rather it is tailored to teach you everything you'll ever need to publish an app on Google Playstore. The major advantage of this course is that you'll get a certificate once you've completed the course. It is a very fascinating one though; you'll get all the fundamental strategies of mobile marketing, and the practices you'll learn will help your app to get more exposure on the app store. So, to enroll in your free Store listing certification course, you can visit the Google Play Academy to start for free

  7. Build Android Apps Using Firestore

  8. Firestore is one of the best Android development platforms that can help you build stunning apps within a short period of time. This course is offered by Alison, and you will learn how to create a new project with the help of Firebase alongside Android Studio (official Integrated Development Environment for Android Development). In this course, you'll also learn how to design the user interface (UI) plus a link to post to Firestore database system. There are also mockup designs that would help you customize your mobile app to your taste.With Firestore and Android studio, a configuration of codes is more concise, and setting up the security authentication system is part of what you'd learn in the free course on Alison. Upon completion of the Firestore course, you can sit for the final exam which you must score 80% or above. Earning a certificate gives you more advantage over your colleagues. Anyone interested in Android application development should consider enrolling in this course. You can learn, practice, study, and complete your course at any time you want.

  9. Android App Building 107 - Alarm Clock

  10. People can now build mobile applications without a PhD degree. App inventor 2, open-source software that was developed by Google, which was later handed over to MIT. App Inventor 2 has a powerful building block technology system which can be used to develop digital alarm clock for Android devices. App inventor 2 allows users to create high-functionality apps without having to write tedious lines of code. Anyone looking to learn how to create an Android without experience in Java or Python. You simply need an active internet connection, and fundamental knowledge of the concept of mobile app development. A beginner or someone who has no prior understanding of programming can significantly resonate with this course so immensely. In this course, you'll learn about the fundamental features of the app like: the camera, notifications, and the clock. To gain a practical understanding of this course, you'll have to complete all the modules. You can also earn a certificate from Alison once you've completed your course. All the courses on our list offer a free certificate that can be added to your resume to clear the doubts of your employer.

    Conclusion: Android development courses

    Our list is optimized for anyone who desires to learn mobile application development and Google play store listing. Android application development is a career that you can venture into today if you want to make huge money for yourself. If you enroll in any of the courses above, you'll have most of the knowledge needed to build any kind of application that comes to mind. I hope you found my blog post interesting. Enjoy your free course today!

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