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Gmail Extensions
Frank here from Specksblog, my exams would commence soon but I will still publish contents as I normally would. Gmail is an email sender just like Yahoo Mail, Outlook, and what have you. Gmail extensions are a whole ecosystem of Google Chrome.

Google Chrome Extensions can be added to Google Chrome Browser to tweak, enhance, change, and otherwise levitate your browser experience. Just so you know - Gmail also have beautiful extensions that would perfectly trigger itself - so, it would give you exactly want you wanted. Gmail is part of Google’s product; Google is one of the fastest growing tech companies on this planet. I have grown up to know Google as an innovative, creative, and resilient company that adapt to new changes.

Google has helped billions of people around the world to achieve their goals, land their dream job, and it has also helped businesses to reach their full potential. I need not tell you that Google has changed the life of people from all walks of life. It's my pleasure to publish this article on this blog; today we're introduce some Gmail extensions you probably didn't know were existing on Chrome web store. As such, you'll need to install these extensions if you want the most of Gmail.

Few day ago I went into the Google Chrome Web Store and luckily, I found useful Gmail extensions that never made it mainstream - only few people have heard of this extensions. I have complied a list of top 10 best Gmail extensions that will skyrocket your Gmail experience from this moment forward.

The fact is, some of these extensions will make a little change – perhaps a few would save you a whole lot of stress over the years. Considering Gmass that was founded by Ajay Goel - an evergreen email marketing platform that works perfectly inside Gmail. Gmail is a hugely recognized feature of Google and it has amass over one billion users across the world. Before you proceed on installing Google Chrome add-on extension, you should have in mind that not all extensions work so well but you shouldn’t worry because we have filtered it out from this content.

According to a popular blog I read a while back, many Google Chrome extensions are relatively unknown yet they are thousands of them living on web store. You have to source, find, and leverage the extensions that suit your needs. Trust me – some extensions would boost your work flow and significantly enhance your Gmail experience. We also ensured that our list are extensions that works perfectly with Gmail so, here you have the 10 best Gmail extensions that would improve your Gmail productivity so immensely.

Gmail Extensions – 10 best Gmail extensions

Coming in hot at number one is Gmass is one of the fastest growing Gmail extensions that you probably haven’t heard of and you should consider adding it to your Gmail for better experience. Gmass is an email marketing platform like ConvertKit and Getresponse - the email marketing platform was founded by Ajay Goel and it has amassed over 200,000 users and still counting. Gmass is a platform that will turn your Gmail into a tiny marketing application. Gmass allows you to send over 50 free emails each day. Gmass allows you schedule emails, personalize emails, and you can add email list to send out bulk emails and other cool features that are also embedded.

Furthermore, Gmass has an affiliate program that allows you to earn commission when your audience use your Gmass affiliate link to purchase any Gmass paid plan. On this blog, I promote Gmass product. You can use my Gmass affiliate link to purchase your Gmass plan. Thank you in advance – once you have installed Gmass extension on your Gmail then you can compose your email as you normally would; having done that, use the Gmass button to send out your email. You won’t click the usual send button. (You can install Gmass extension here, enjoy.)

Gmail Sender Icons

I will be frank with you; I receive over 50 emails every single day and of course, there are people that get over 100 emails per day. Sometimes staring at my unread emails can be very daunting and in some instances I don’t know which email I should read first. Gmail Sender Icons is a powerful Gmail extension that allows you to visually identify where your emails came from. According to my research; studies shows that from “field” is very important than a subject line. Gmail Sender Icons is an almighty extension that ease our Gmail workflow. Gmail Sender Icons is worth installing, it makes it easy to spot emails and it gives insight of the emails you most likely want to open. (You can install Gmail Sender Icons here.) This extension is free to use but it also have some in-app ads for other products.

Gmail Message Preview

The emergence of Gmail Message Preview extension has a handful possibilities. How does it feel to preview an email without opening it? Gmail Message Preview was developed by a company called CouldHQ. This extension is pretty not heavy though – plus, you do not require to register for an account before you can use it on Chrome; still yet Gmail Message Preview offers a unique function. Gmail Message Preview is one of those Google Chrome extension that we should install to ease up our workflow. Gmail Message Preview allows you to see Gmail inbox with an email subject line and a shout preview without marking the email as read email. You can choose to preview the first line of an email or even view the entire mail without marking the emails as read. This is so cool – you can install Gmail Message Preview here, for free.

Reverse Conversation

By default Gmail message thread are ordered from oldest to newest message. I’m sure you’re familiar with this style and we’re all used to that. Reverse Conversation for Gmail schedules your Gmail message thread to newest to oldest message – rather than Gmail default style. This extension do not really do much but it saves the stress of going through oldest message to new messages. (Having read this; you can Install Reverse Conversation for Gmail for free.

Just Not Sorry

There is a very popular Google Chrome extension that works well like grammarly. Just Not Sorry was designed to flag weak language and errors that could hurt the effectiveness of your emails – just so you know, Just Not Sorry can fix poor word choice in your emails. All this instances can potentially affect the reach of your emails. Let’s say you’re writing an email, for example. When you write a word like “I was just thinking” or “I’m sorry” – Just Not Sorry would flag and recommend you write something that’s more confident and concise. I’m sure you love what you’re reading? You can install (Just Not Sorry here – absolutely free of charge.)

Auto Expander for Gmail

You might be aware of the fact that Gmail automatically cuts off emails larger than 102KB – when Gmail cuts off longer email – you’ll see the line at the footer of the email that says “message clipped”. With that link at the bottom, you can view the rest of the email. I have been composing emails for more than 7 years now; but I never stumbled upon “message clipped” I received an email newsletter from one of the SEO blogs I follow - the emails was extremely long. Auto Expander for Gmail wouldn’t make your emails short at all. Auto Expander will automatically expand longer emails so you read the whole message at once without needing to click "view entire message link" at the bottom of that email. Auto Expander for Gmail expands longer emails in a faster way. You can explore this extension by browsing through Wikipedia website – there you can copy a lengthy content and send it to someone as composed email. This is just to show that Gmail will automatically cut off emails larger than 102KB.

Auto Expander for Gmail is an open source and free extension. You can install it Auto Expander here

Inbox When Ready

People of this generation mindlessly procrastinate and that is hugely affecting our way of living. The fact is, one can easily flip over to the email to see what’s new. Inbox When Ready helps to hide your email inbox by default. This extension has a lot of handful features – it would keep you from flipping over to your emails frequently. Once you install the extension – you can hide your inbox – so, you have to toggle a button within your account to view your messages. (Interesting enough, you can still write emails even when your inbox is hidden.) Inbox When Ready also have a scheduling system that is embedded - you can schedule when to lock your Gmail inbox. Inbox When Ready has a free and paid version – the downside of the free version is that a “signature will be assigned to every of your outgoing messages. This signature is a built in feature designed to promote Inbox When Ready.

You can get the pro version for only $4 per month – so, if you don’t adhere to the promotional signature inside your outgoing messages, you’ll have to pay a monthly fee of $4. (Click here to install Inbox When Ready Chrome extension.

Gmail Copilot

If you’re looking to know more about where your emails are going to – you should install Gmail Copilot – a sophisticated extension that pulls up information about the person you’re sending an email to. The information pops up in the Gmail sidebar – Gmail Copilot will show you the profile info plus social media links of the recipient. Gmail Copilot will also tailor your message history and it will display all the attachments you sent and have ever received. Gmail Copilot is free for individual users while you pay $4.99/month for team and support. You can install Gmail Copilot now

Gmail Show Time

There is a huge collection of Google Chrome extensions on the Chrome Web Store – many are yet to be known. Gmail Show Time might seem not relevant. Needless to say – is a free extension that allows you to display time and date however you want! Time and date configuration is pretty much easy than you think – it only take few seconds to install. (Install Gmail Show Time extension here.

Wrapping Up: Gmail Extensions – 10 best Gmail extensions

Billions of people around the world uses Gmail every day to market their businesses, engage with customers, and some companies request for application letter when applying for a job role. That being said, we conducted our research, we tested some Chrome extensions for Gmail and we hand-picked these ones on the list and we believe they'll turn your Gmail experience into a small marketing platform. Keep in mind that some extensions do not work well at all but be rest assured that we filtered those right on out before publishing. There are some Gmail extensions we didn’t mention – Grammarly for example, would help you correct spelling errors, check for typos, and it will even suggest new line of sentences for you. Browse through Chrome Web Store to get the most of Google Chrome add-ons.

Let us know in the comments which Gmail extensions you’ll install next – you might also suggest some extensions you fee should be on our list. Warm regards.

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