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real ways to earn money online

There are literally thousands of ways to earn passive income online in 2021. According to MOZ keywords analytics, people tends to search for real ways to earn money online now. Majority of this online businesses are scam, while few are legit and some are not useful for long term. Search engines like Google, Yandex and Bing get huge monthly search volume on how to make money online. Over the years, many money making ideas where discovered, perhaps we can only rely on a few. Say you're sourcing for "long term ways" to build a passive online income stream, I highly recommend and advice you to find a profitable niche and start blogging right way. Blogging can make you live like a celebrity only if you follow the right steps and put in place what is necessary.

Real Ways To Earn Money Online Now

Besides setting up a blog, we have other legitimate ways to build a passive income online in 2021. Besides the fact that blogging is used to build a passive income, blogging can also improve your writing skills. Anything you do frequently becomes a part of you. You can use your blog to build a large fan base, your blog can improve your marketing skill on the long run. A good blog can literally connect you to other people from all walks of life. Read through the content carefully, you'll find an online income stream you can rely on.

    A blog is an online website where written contents can be published and read by it's audience or followers. Before you start your blogging journey, make sure you pick a profitable niche. A niche is the subject or topic area of your blog. So, how do you start a professional blog in 2021? You need a good web hosting company like Bluehost, SiteGround or Hostgator. Once your hosting plan is selected, make your payment and install WordPress. You can use other website builder like, Webly or Squarespace to build a beautiful and mobile friendly blog. Blogging actually gives you an edge over other people. When you host your blog with Bluehost, you'll spend about $100 every year. You really need to put seroius effort in creating a very unique,relevant and engaging contents that will attract peoples attention. You can earn money from your blog with Google Adsense. You can also start a free hosted blog if you feel the money is on the high side. You can build your blog with or you can hire me to build your professional looking blogger blog like specksblog. Bluehost will give you a free domain name for your first year, while your payment will begin in the next purchase after your domain expires.

    A domain name can be something like For domain purchase and registration, I trust domainking. Building a passive income stream online with a blog can be difficult, and it takes a while depending on how consistent you are in producing your contents.

  2. Domainking.NG

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    Affiliate Marketing is also one of the real ways to earn money online in 2021. We published a detailed content on top 10 affiliate marketing websites to join and earn passive income online. Affiliate Marketing is any kind of online business where an affiliate/publisher will sell and market a brand, company or person's product. Affiliate Market websites allows you to signup and register as an affiliate. You need to find a product that will be useful to people, a product that can solve peoples problem. Before you can start earning a passive income with affiliate marketing, your audience or customer must trust you before they can start buying through your links. Affiliate Marketing websites like Amazon, ClickBank, ShareASale, Ebay, Bluehost Affiliates and Commission Junction have a user friendly interface. You can promote products with links and banners. Your links and banner can be within your blog contents so your audience will know what you are selling.

    In our affiliate marketing guide, we talked about some marketing strategy that will boost your earning. We recommend marketing a product that offers above 10% commission. To increase your affiliate marketing earning, We recommend you watch more videos on BRANDING YOURSELF.


    Youtube is one of the largest websites in the world. That said, youtube has about 2 billion monthly users as at 2019. If you're searching for long term online business, you can start making and uploading useful youtube videos on your channel. People from all walks of life use this website every single day. More than 80% of youtube video streaming comes from mobile devices. You can use your youtube channel to promote your affiliate products and your own product also. Before you can start earning a passive income with your youtube channel, your channel must meet Youtube Partner Program criteria. Your channel should amass 1000 subscribers, 4 thousand watch houre and about 10 thousand youtube views. You also need to buy a quality video camera from any online store like Amazon or Jumia. You might not necessarily need a video camera if you have a good mobile phone like an Iphone or any other good device will do. A should consider getting a tripod so you'll be able to shoot stable shoots. Many youtube users has literally turn youtube to be their spouse. That's hilarious right?
  5. real ways to earn money online

    Freelance websites like and are one of the worlds most busiest market place for freelancers. Freelancing is one of the real ways to earn money online. Though I hav'nt worked on upwork before, but it's one of the best freelance website and it has so many customer reviews. I have used fiverr and the website is mobile friendly. A freelancer is someone who offers or sell his or her skill online in exchange for money. A freelancer can be anybody offering services for anybody online or even offline. You can offer services like programming and tech, writing and translation, video and animation, web design and development, app development, graphic design, public relation, search engine optimization services and many others. On fiverr, the least amount your clients can pay you is $5. On fiverr, you can rank your services so that customers could see your profile when they're looking for fiverr gigs on fiverr search engine.

    Fiverr allows you to sort your gigs/services according to their features. Let's say I offer search engine optimization services on fiverr, I can actually segment my services by adding different price tags. A fiverr gig can have a BASIC PLAN, STANDARD PLAN and PREMIUM PLAN. Each of them can have special description and prices becasue your client pocket are not equall. Fiverr has digital payment method like paypal, so you can get paid through paypal. So what are you waiting for! Start selling your skill online today and begin to earn passive income online this year.

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    Creating and selling an online course can be a lucrative way to earn money online. If you're passionate about anything, or say you have indept knowledge about any topic or subject, you can create a course and start selling to people. You simply need to choose the best subject matter, test your idea and do a thorough research on the subject matter you want to write on. You also need to outline your course and create a table of content so your course can meet your readers/buyers needs. Once you have successfully created your course, you can take your course online. If you produce a highly recognized and quality content, your contents can be submited to big online market place like skillshare, udemy, coursera and Amazon. When your course is online, people can purchase your course and you get paid handsomely. Your online course can be in inform of PDF file or video content. You also need to market your course by promoting it, running a facebook ads is a good idea.
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    App development is really on high demand. If you're not a mobile app developer, you should consider looking at this money making idea but don't be intimidated by people who are further along than you. There are many online app creator that doesn't reqiure coding skill and technical know how before you can build your mobile application. Many online marketers use fiverr and upwork to find affordable mobile app developers who would create an app at affordable prices. With, you can create a beautiful nice looking web application, chat application, forum application, games and video applications. Even my school portal app was built using appcreator. If you really want to get your app done fast and designed, you can hire me to build your professional looking mobile application.

    The Fastest and most commonly used platform for mobile app monetization is Google Admob. Googgle Admob is a copy of Google Adsense. You earn when your users clicks any ads displaying on the app.

  10. Once your app is created, you need to upload your app to Google Playstore before you can start earning with Google Admob. You will create Google Playstore developer account which cost $25 while Apple AppStore developer acccount cost $100.

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    Selling your own product is one of the real ways to earn money online. When you're so curious to make money online now, sometimes the only solution is to sell your own products. If you're selling your stuff internationally, you'll need to consider adding shipping fee to your products. Think of selling stuffs that are high in demand. Products like laptops, clothing, phones, TVs, furniture and designer handbags can fetch you money very quickly but selling junk products like books, DVD, and CDs are only a waste of time and resources. Get a digital camera or smart phone with good pixels, so you'll take amazing photos of your products and be sure they are well edited before you upload them online. Avoid taking pictures of your products on tables, it doesn't look professional. You can easily market your products in facebook groups and instagram pages. Consider build an online store so buying and selling will the done digitally. Even if you can't afford high-end quipments, you can hire are professional photographer to get the job done.
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    A virtual assistant is someone who provides support services to a business or entrepreneur from a remote location. A virtual assistant can do variety of tasks including digital marketing, writing, order processing, scheduling of appointments andmeetings and also social media. If you want to build a long term income source with this strategy, you need to build followers, and an active social media presence on Twitter, instagram and LinkedIn so you'll find new clients you can work for from any location in the world. You can also start earn money on websites like upwork, indeed or

    Say you purchased a .com domain name and you didn't use it, you can resell your domain name. Selling of domain names has now become very competitive in the market. You can use keywords tool to find keywords that are trending, then generate your domain name from there. An example could be Make sure to Search for domain names with higer bids so you'll know which ones sells better in the market.

    Writing books can sky-rocket your income stream if you have all it takes. The world is evolving, people prefer to read books on their mobile devices rather than reading the hardcopy. Research has shown that people tends to read more longer with their phones than reading a hardcopy piece. You can write up stunning contents that can solve people problem, teach them new things and also add a positive meaning to their lifes. If you have a website or blog, selling your book won't be a problem because your audience would be your first customer. Selling books is also one of the real ways to earn money online. Don't ignore Amazon, you should also consider selling your book on Amazon if you really want to boost your income stream.
  16. Real Ways To Earn Money Online: Wrapping Up

    My list has 100% working, tested and guaranteed money making online ideas. Depending on wheather you're looking to earn real money online or you're looking to make quick money now, each of my list above have their own relevant advantages which is tailored to different needs and interests. So you need to make more detailed research on your own. You can generate a passive income online while you're tucked comfortably in bed. Taking on these jobs doesn't mean you'll get rich quickly or over night. Be guided, so you won't fall victim of scammers online. Making money online will help you earn some extra cash, working online can also help you to escape your 9am to 5pm jobs so you'll become a digital full-time entrepreneur.

    5 Business Ideas To Make Passive Income Online

    1. Become a social media influencer.
    2. Start dropshipping business
    3. Invest in stocks
    4. Sell your designs online to clients. Suitable for graphic designer and artist.
    5. Do language translation for brands and you get paid.
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