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MTN Free Browsing Cheat | With Stark VPN Reloaded (100MB) Daily -Specks

Hello lovely readers, today we're sharing another free browsing cheat for all MTN users. Few days ago, I published Airtel Free Browsing Cheat with EC Tunnel VPN and alot of people confirmed it works really well. Today we're not talking EC Tunnel VPN, but we're talking about Stark VPN Reloaded. Stark VPN offers free browsing for networks like MTN, Airtel, GLO and 9Mobile precisely. Stark VPN reloaded enables MTN users to browse their favorite websites and to power all apps with 0.0kb. Stark VPN reloaded is capped with 100MB data daily.

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Requirements For Stark VPN Reloaded

  1. Firstly, click here to download Stark VPN Reloaded from Google PlayStore (4.1MB)
  2. Stark VPN Reloaded works on all MTN sims.
  3. Activating sim might be neccessary. Having known this, follow the step-by-step guide below to enjoy your free browsing with MTN.
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How To Activate Mtn Free Browsing On Stark VPN August 2021

  1. Having downloaded stark VPN reloaded, lauch the app.
  2. Stark VPN Reloaded is capped with 100MB daily data, so locate the tweak.
  3. Before you launch this app, make sure you have data or internet connection on your device so that Stark VPN can be activated.
  4. stark VPN reloaded
  5. Once the app is updated, select MTN 100MB Daily and tap connect. Once the connection is successful, you can start browsing your favorite websites and power all apps on your mobile device.
  6. MTN free browsing cheat

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Thank you for reading, comment your thoughts below and let us know if stark VPN works for you. Follow us so you won't miss any new updates and kindly use the social buttons to share with friends and family.

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