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During my early days of blogging, I always came across Keywords Research , but I had no Idea of what It was.

Today, I'll be talking about how to optimize your blog posts for SEO. SEO (Search Engine Optimization), Is a technique or practice on a website In other to Increase Its traffic, ranking and position In search engine result pages (SERPs).

This technique Is being used by both webmasters of old and the new age we are In. SEO Is the back-born of any website, without It your website will end up coming short, plus you can't reach the level of your competitors.

As a blogger, you'll probably have a huge collection of contents to publish on your blog, but the question Is how do I get people to read them..?.. Search Engine Optimization and content writing works hand In hand. Social media Is really a great tool but they update their algorithm at anytime, once this changes are made, your traffic can come short.

proven ways to optimize your blog posts for seo

When your blog posts are optimized for SEO, you are automatically laying a foundation of unlimited organic traffic (traffic from search engines like Google, Bing , Yahoo and the others !).

The more you optimize your blog posts for SEO, the more organic traffic you will drive to your website on the long run.

So relax while I show you

6 proven ways to optimize your blog posts for seo

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  1. Install SEO Plugin:
  2. This Is the first step you should take. This option Is only available for some website builders like WordPress, the worlds largest and busiest content management system (CMS).

    Perhaps, If you are using you can skip this step.

    This plugins are several In numbers. They will help your entire blog posts to be search engine optimized. Locate all-in-one SEO plugin In your WordPress account, click on (Install Now), having done that, activate It to begin It's function.

  3. Do Your Keywords Research:
  4. Keywords will help your contents to appear on Google anytime someone search a term related to what you have written on your blog.

    Make sure you research Long-Tail Keywords.

    example: Buhari On A Trip To London.

    Instead of: Buhari In London..

    There are so many keywords tool. This tools will help you find keywords that are ranking and the ones to be ranked for. They Include

    1. Google Keywords Planner
    3. Keywords Everywhere Extension
    5. Ubersuggest
    6. SEMRUSH
    7. (10 days free trial) and many more. Some of this tools are free while some are paid.

  5. Write Quality Contents:
  6. Google does not only watch out for the keywords you use, they are also looking out for the contents you produce.

    Writing quality contents Is one way to Increase your website's readership. It Is better to publish quality contents every few days than to stuff your blog with low-quality contents frequently.

    This aspect helps to optimize blog posts for seo. Google does not reward a website that It's contents are crappy and keyword stuffed.

    Even If your website has ranked 1st on Google but your visitors does not find what they want In your article, they will just visit the next website. So what's the use of writing low-quality contents..?

  7. Use Header Tags (H1, H2 ,H3):
  8. The heading tags are great ways to optimize your blog post for seo.

    The header which Is equally known to be H1 tag Is known to be the subject line of a web page.

    The H1 tag must be used only once In your article. The H1 tag must be Included to any web page which you want to drive organic traffic to.

    The H2 (2nd header) tags equally can be used If your content have multiple sections.

  9. Internal Page Linking With Anchor Text:
  10. Internal linking Is simply a link on a web page which points to another page on the same site. Internal linking Is very essential, It gives strenght to other keywords on the same web page.

    Internal links will equally Increase your website page views, not only that, It also tells search engines like Google that the page/link Is still relevant for that keyword.

    My Image below will explain more about Internal linking.

    Keywords Everywhere Extension Is an Anchor text/keywords. Instead of me saying "click here" to find long-tail keywords.

  11. Latent Semantic Indexing
  12. LSI is short for Latent Semantic Indexing. Today we’re glad to announce the relevance of LSI in your SEO plan. Many years ago, I never saw the importance of using Latent Semantic Indexing keywords in my blog post. Before I further my writing – it’s good you understand what Latent Semantic Indexing is and where you should always use LSI to achieve the maximum result.

    What are LSI keywords?

    Latent Semantic Indexing is those keywords that are closely related to your primary keywords or main keyword. Latent Semantic indexing keywords have a lot of advantages and adding them within content can improve your SEO and it provides a more competitive advantage over your competitors. Understanding and taking action on LSI keywords is so paramount and crucial today. Significantly, implementing LSI keywords in your content is one essential aspect of SEO you shouldn’t joke with.

    Down below are some of the importance of using LSI keywords in your blog post:

    • Latent Semantic Indexing enables Google’s algorithm to figure out the relevance and quality of content to the search query. The sole purpose of LSI keywords was to help searchers find answers to what they’re searching for online.
    • The emergence of LSI keywords carries more weight than the keyword density. Let’s reminisce, at a particular time, Google emphasized ranking a website with keyword density (KD). Keyword Density refers to the number of times a keyword phrase shows on the web page compared to the overall words on the exact page. Needless to say, the lengthier your content is, the higher your chances of ranking higher on search engine result pages (SERPs). I discovered that using repetitive keywords will make your web page ranking suffer and you can get penalized by Google in the long run.

      LSI keywords came into existence to write off some errors – you can use them within your content without worrying. LSI keywords can be used effectively within your content and they should always sound natural when visitors are reading through your content.

    • Latent Semantic Indexing keywords strengthen other keywords with your content. I need not tell you that keyword research is essential because keywords play a prominent role in your Search Engine Optimization campaign. Just so you know, implementing LSI keywords within your content is the easiest way to drive organic traffic to your website. LSI keywords also add a more important clue to your primary and secondary keywords. Ideally, your website would be categorized for relevancy plus it will have higher chances of ranking.

    Where can I find LSI keywords?

    Based on my research and follow-ups – there are few places you can find Latent Semantic Indexing keywords on the web. They are listed below:
    • LSIGraph is the number one go-to website to find keywords that are related to your main keyword phrase. Simply visit the website, input a keyword in the search box then analyze to find semantically related keywords.
    • Google also provide Latent Semantic Indexing keywords perhaps we barely know they are there and we probably don’t pay close attention to them; put in a keyword phrase in the Google search box, when the result comes out, scroll down and you’ll see some keywords that are related to your search query. The image below will explain how Google can provide LSI keywords.

    How to use LSI keywords?

    Title Tags : Latent Semantic Indexing keywords should ideally be used once or twice with your content. It’s best to only use LSI keywords that are closely related to your primary keyword. Your title tag can contain LSI keywords – this is the first thing the searcher would see before landing on your web page.

    If you want search engines like Google to pay close attention to you, then use your primary keyword alongside an LSI keyword in your meta description .

    Header tags: An LSI keyword phrase within your header tag is one way to boost your SEO. You can fix the LSI keyword within the heading but make sure they appear naturally.

    To strengthen your website content; place SLI keywords in the first and last paragraph of your content to give it more uniqueness but do not overuse it.

    Image ALT: I need not tell to that all images uploaded alongside your content should have an alt tag section where you can place your keywords. Ultimately, you can optimize your content with LSI keywords by putting them inside the alt tag of the image. An image like should look like this:

    You can rename your website URLs and write a custom URL for a specific web page. Alternatively, this is similar to title tags – priority should be given to the primary keyword.

    Anchor Text: Instead of putting your main keywords within links, LSI keywords contribute to making your content more valuable. Boosting your SEO using LSI keywords is an on-site skill you need to learn and implement through practice.

    wrapping up: how to optimize your blog posts for seo.

    Keywords can be added to the alt (alternative text) section of Images on your blog. But do not over use It. Make your contents brief , concise and easy to read.

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