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Sponsored Post: 2021 Ekocity Polytechnic Matriculation Ceremony

Nobody can say that Eko College Of Management And Technology 2020/2021 Matriculation was not fascinating. Honestly speaking, this is the first Matriculation ceremony I have attended in 21 years now. A 1,000 words article can't express how happy I was on that day.

Eko college Of Management And Technology's Matriculation took place on 3rd July 2021, in the school campus at 100 Alahji Onilewura, Ikotun, Lagos. The Matriculation took Ikotun by storm. Sophisticated soldiers were present incase of any necessity. Parents were entertained and feed. The PFA (performing and media art) students also danced on that day.

2020/2021 Eko College Of Management And Technology Matriculation Ceremony

Two star quest were present. We featured the likes of Par James of (Papa Ajasco) and our lovely mother Iya Rainbow.

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These two stars were so humble that almost everyone wanted to take pictures wnd selfie with them.

Awwwn! that's sweet.

I struggled to take a picture with Iya Rainbow, but all to no avail. Perhaps, I took a picture with Par James

Eko College Of Management And Technology 2021 Matriculation Gallery

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Final Thoughts:

I wish each and everyone of us a splendid semester ahead. Note that the real journey has just began. We should move with the world because the was is evolving. You need be a computer literate no matter your department. We are in computer age now. Attend classes, Complete notes and buy your softcopy material which give you more light to your course. Have a pleasant week ahead.

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