EUROe: The Modern European Stablecoin

It might interest you to know that web3 and its applications are going to open more diverse opportunities for millions of people across borders. Anyone looking to punch the ticket to Blockchain Technology in 2023 has his/her mind brain working perfectly. Since the advent of web3, a lot has been happening - even the gaming industries are gradually admitting web3 into their platforms and games progressively. Imagine trading those digital assets you get while playing those games you're really passionate about; a lot is yet to come, and the world will be filled with unlimited opportunities.

In this article, you'll learn more about Stablecoins, the problems, and what solution EUROe will help us eradicate.

What is Stablecoins?

A stablecoin is a cryptocurrency that exists to uphold a fixed value since it is backed by reserves of other assets, but not limited to currencies, gold or valuable metals, property, security, or any other assets as collateral. That being said; the first seen advantage of Stablecoins is that they are maintained by Blockchain Technology. And, as such, they are able to carry out international transactions.

Cryptocurrencies are no longer a new phenomenon; they are known to be decentralized - meaning that they are not being controlled by some entity such as the governments or regulatory bodies so to speak. Cryptocurrencies are seamlessly designed to operate on supply-and-demand principles, in the meantime, they can be volatile in nature. Just so you know - Stablecoins have a long historic background since it's inception in 2014; a few Stablecoins such as NuBits crashed over the past few years due to insufficient reserves of the coin when there was a dip in demand.

Although, cryptocurrency keeps moving with regular precision with each passing year. It's quite exciting to see that innovations that encountered speculation, and mistrust ultimately became accepted by the market. Today, many other Stablecoins have been launched, and their are making an impact already. We have the likes of the USD Coin (USDC), Binance USD (BUSD), and MakerDAO (DAI), just to mention a few.

Statement of the problem

Stablecoins were a controversial trend in the earlier days of crypto but, there has been more regulatory approval in recent years. Below are some disadvantages/cons of Stablecoins:

1. Stablecoins have a lower yield in Decentralized Finance (DeFi) applications than on standard cryptos, nevertheless, the yields are relatively much higher than the interest rates offered by traditional banks out there.

2. Stablecoins do require a form of trust in a third party to ensure the coins are backed by the stated assets. This simply means that external audits are required to guarantee assets are taken into account.

3. Stablecoins that are being used in Decentralized Finance (DeFi) applications are prone to the usual risks associated with cryptocurrency projects that fail to be regulated.

4. As a result of stablecoins debut in the market, and the experimental nature of crypto-based technologies, the risk of deploying newer projects or protocols is much higher.

What Solution EUROe Can Offer To End Stablecoin Hurdles

What exactly is EUROe and why should I leverage it?

EUROe is a modern European stablecoin launched to enable near-instant payments globally. EUROe aims to build the most robust & regulatory-compliant European payment systems in the world which will enable anyone across borders to leverage innovation in decentralized finance (DeFi), and other prominent technologies. With EUROe, your transactions settle within a couple of seconds without any hurdles.

EUROe stands to be the only European stablecoin & payment network to ever exist; it is designed to be regulated as an electronic money institution - interesting! EUROe is a Finland-based company, raising the bar by staying true to its aim of being the world's best tomorrow’s businesses today. A few Stablecoins didn't go to the limelight before they crashed.

While Stablecoins have the maximum potential to offer many benefits, such as lower volatility, they also encounter several obstacles since the aim is to attain a widespread adoption. As a thought leadership content creator, If I were to suggest a few number of solutions which EUROe could offer to eliminate the hurdles which affects the widespread of Stablecoins, I'd suggest the following:

  • In other for Stablecoins to punch its ticket to becoming a global adoption; the value in Decentralized Finance (DeFi) has to be much higher. These could entice people to start leveraging it even more. When this happens, the industry will expand so immensely - but hey! Reaching the milestone will take so many years, and if not managed properly, the project could die off along the way.
  • Since Stablecoin entered the market, users couldn't rely completely on them because a few numbers of Stablecoins crash. Users are even afraid of deploying new projects, and protocols. Over the past few years, many big projects like Google+, 2GO (social media platform), and even AI projects such as Amazon AI recruitment system, and penAI’s GPT-3 based Chatbot Samantha failed. Funding and lack of resources is a major challenge these projects could have lacked. A few number of Stablecoins failed because of a lack of coins in the reserve. EUROe can become a global sensation by making sure there is always enough in the reserve. And, teamwork without team spirit is relatively useless - what EUROe need is a team of sophisticated developers to manage and run the system if it really wants to shine in the market.
  • Stablecoins require external audits to guarantee assets are taken into account. To solve this issue; EUROe could admit Blockchain Technology into their modern European Stablecoin. That is to say; EUROe Stablecoin could be self-custodial. That way, users have access to their assets and only they, have control over their account - EUROe won't have access anymore. These ideas can be traced to my MetaMask Wallet; I have lost my recovery phrase, and password. I have over $160 inside that account, I can't get my money, not even MetaMask can touch the money.
To learn more about EUROe, visit their website:

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