Beans App Wallet Features: Send & Receive Funds Instantly (2023)

Some time ago in late 2008, Blockchain technology surfaced, and it has leveled up drastically ever since. The power of Blockchain technology cannot be underestimated as a lot of people from all walks of life are leveraging it already. Blockchain - which already has a good resume, yet transforming the world still!

Today's article is centered on the Beans App; Beans exists to be of those apps that tend to fly under the radar as a great platform to bypass any kind of hurdles encountered by blockchain users. Beans is a non-custodial wallet that enables users to perform free international payments using blockchain technology. Beans make it possible to not only, but enable anyone, anywhere in the world, to send and receive payments globally with a high-yield savings option. The beans app comes with a smooth and clean user interface that enables its users to find their way around without any technical know-how - even my 70-year-old grandmother can use the beans app without any assistance! That is worth mentioning.

5 Powerful Features Embedded in The Beans App

Having done my research with regards to the Beans app; here are some of the amazing features that will simply compel you to use the Beans app after now:
  1. As a Beans app user, you can seamlessly transfer money between any currency to anyone around the world with just a click of a button. To be honest with you, Blockchain technology has so many downsides which haven't been fixed yet. I can recall, a few years ago, a friend of mine couldn't send Crypto to his friend. And, that's really a big issue. Thankfully, the Beans app is here to make life easier by making Blockchain accessible to everyone.
  2. Anyone who has been in Blockchain technology for a long can't deny the fact that most Blockchain technology platforms had a high transaction cost. In the meantime, this issue has been resolved by the Beans app. Beans allow you to request and send funds globally with any transaction fees required. Saving money on the Beans app is also worth talking about - just so you know, you can save funds in any currency of your choice, and stand a chance to earn up to 8% yield.
  3. The Beans app is strongly encrypted - only you have access to your funds, not even the Beans developer. That being said, the funds in your Beans app are all yours - it's like the money in your pocket; you control it. Beans app is known for not holding user's private keys, all users have complete control over their money.

    The Beans app also has an easy key (account recovery system) Just in case you misplace your password, you can easily recover your account using email, pin code, and phone with even greater adaptability in the future to come. Truth be told, the Beans app has overcome so many hurdles encountered daily by Blockchain users.

  4. Let's reminisce, in the early emergence of Blockchain technology, transferring funds from users A user and B wasn't so convenient. The finality wasn't always assured, and this could make your business lose potential customers. Thankfully, the Beans app has helped to solve all these issues while sending funds is much faster as the receiver gets credited nearly instantly.

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